NativeScript Community Resources

NativeScript Videoshttp://nativescripting.comThe most comprehensive NativeScript video training.
NativeScript Pluginshttp://plugins.nativescript.rocksAll the awesome NativeScript plugins
The Forumshttp://forum.nativescript.orgThe official forums for NativeScript.
AppProtection.nethttps://AppProtection.netEncrypt your NativeScript application source.
NativeScript Bloggershttp://nsbloggers.comA curated list of NativeScript bloggers
NativeScript Books & Training Books & Training
NativeScript Imagehttp://images.nativescript.rocksAutomatically make all your application image sizes, including Launch Screens
NativeScript Theme Builder your own Themes for your app
NativeScript Snacks snack size video tutorials
NativeScript Toolshttp://nativescript.toolsCommercial plugins and products for NativeScript

 If you have any additional community resources, please contact us!