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Data last updated: March 25, 2017
Addons found: 397
Newest addons: nativescript-azure-mobile-basic
Total other files:81
Total Android addons:281
Total iOS addons:270
Addons supporting all platforms:236
Total addons authors: 124
Most proficient author: eddyverbruggen
(with 29 addons)
Most helpful author: Nathanael Anderson, Brad Martin
(with 15 assists)

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseDownloadsStars
ably-nativescript1.0.1  2017-03-15Apache-2.0901
Ably for NativeScript.Nathanael Anderson (ably)
angular2-seed-advanced1.0.2   2017-02-28MIT5101,604
High-quality, modular starter (advanced seed) project for Angular 2 apps with statically typed build and AoT + NativeScript + Electron.NathanWalker (nathanwalker)
appbuilder3.7.0   2017-02-27Apache-2.035,19131
command line interface to Telerik AppBuilder.Telerik (icenium)
generator-nativescript-plugin1.0.4   2016-08-25MIT6164
Generator for nativescript-plugin projects.victorsosa (peoplewaredo)
generator-ng2-seed-advanced1.0.0   2016-08-18MIT32913
An advanced Angular2 project generator with support for ngrx/store, ng2-translate, angulartics2, lodash, NativeScript (*native* mobile), Electron (Mac, Windows and Linux desktop) and more.
Contributors: orangedrink
victorsosa (peoplewaredo)
gulp-babel-nativescript1.0.0   2015-10-18ISC2670
replace gulp-babel compiled es5 content to match nativescript(now is v1.4.2)'s rule.peichao01 (peichao01)
loopback-sdk-builder2.0.0-deprecated   2016-08-22MIT13,256230
DEPRECATED: use @mean-expert/loopback-sdk-builder instead.
Contributors: João Ribeiro, Nikolay Matiushenkov, Sylvain Dumont
Jonathan Casarrubias (jonathan-casarrubias)
native-script-accelerometer0.3.0  2016-02-01MIT9085
NativeScript accelerometer plugin.Alexander Vakrilov (vakrilov)
nativelang1.0.0   2015-05-11MIT3497
NativeScript for Internationalization, in native.AlejoNext (alejonext)
nativescript2.5.3   2017-03-24Apache-2.0383,376499
Command-line interface for building NativeScript projects.Telerik (nativescript)
Set release info to json.@rhrn (rhrn)
nativescript-3dtouch1.2.0  2016-12-31MIT47818
Use 3D Touch to create quick actions for your home screen icon.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-ably0.2.0  2017-01-14MIT1560
A wrapper for realtime comunication system.Giovanni (atende)
nativescript-accelerometer1.0.0  2016-10-31MIT8365
NativeScript accelerometer plugin.Alexander Vakrilov (vakrilov)
nativescript-accessibility1.0.0  2016-07-01PATRON1531
A NativeScript module for basic accessibility usage.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-accordion2.1.1  2017-02-04MIT2997
A layout which supports expanding and collapsing child views.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-actioncable0.0.2  2016-10-29ISC1290
A nativescript plugin to use actioncable with iso and android.Henri Sack (sacketty)
nativescript-add-contact-activity1.0.0   2016-08-21980
Simple NativeScript plugin that opens add contact activity for selected number.Vojtech Kozak (kozakvoj)
nativescript-admob1.3.2  2017-03-20MIT1,85621
Make money with your app by using Google's AdMob ads.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-adobe-marketing-cloud1.2.0  2017-03-08MIT1,1791
Nativescript Adobe marketing cloud integration plugin.Essent (essent)
nativescript-advanced-webview1.1.3  2016-12-25MIT49312
An advanced webview using Chrome CustomTabs on Android and SFSafariViewController on iOS.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-afnetworking1.0.3  2016-09-07MIT1730
A NativeScript plugin that wraps AFNetworking for iOS.Rob Laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-ampersand1.0.1   2016-11-12MIT8001
A NativeScript module to add Ampersand Models and Collections for use in place of nativescript observables.Dan Prietti (dapriett)
nativescript-android-preferences1.0.3  2016-10-12MIT2570
A NativeScript plugin that allows to use the application's preferences on Android.Elsa Rodriguez Plaza (elsamrodco)
nativescript-android-utils1.0.2  2017-01-21MIT1190
A collection of certain Java/Android classes that help the NativeScript developer when dealing with Android-specific implementations.Peter Kanev (pip3r4o)
nativescript-angular1.4.1   2017-03-25Apache-2.0141,382561
An Angular 2 renderer that lets you build mobile apps with NativeScript.
Contributors: Hristo Deshev
nativescript-angular-drawer-template1.2.2   2017-03-03MIT64624
A starter template with drawer navigation for nativescript angular projects.Shripal Soni (shripalsoni04)
nativescript-angular-webview-crypto0.0.6   2016-12-30MIT3502
window.crypto for Angular2 in NativeScript via a WebView.Saul Shanabrook (saulshanabrook)
nativescript-animatecss1.0.0  2016-02-13Apache-2.02463
NativeScript plugin for Android to mimic Animate.CSS animations on Android views.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-animation-spring0.0.3  2016-02-24MIT6340
A NativeScript module to enhance animations to include the Spring type of animation curve.Alexander Ziskind (alexziskind1)
nativescript-apiclient1.13.0  2016-10-05MIT10,9107
NativeScript module for simply calling HTTP based APIs.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-app-encryption0.3.0  2016-12-08Telerik11921
**The plugins is still in experimental state and we need your feedback. Please write your comments in the issues.**.nativescript
nativescript-app-version1.4.1  2017-02-09MIT3401
Read the version of your NativeScript app.Oscar Lodriguez (code0wl)
nativescript-appavailability1.2.1  2017-02-14MIT1,1777
A NativeScript plugin to check for availability of other apps on the device.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-appinfo0.3.1  2017-03-14MIT2,2700
Read the app details of your NativeScript app.
Contributors: Eddy Verbruggen
Martin Reinhardt (hypery2k)
nativescript-applist2.0.1  2016-07-26MIT4560
NativeScript module to handle the list of installed apps on a device.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-appversion1.3.3  2017-02-01MIT3,95413
Read the version of your NativeScript app.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-audio3.3.0  2017-03-20MIT2,96438
NativeScript plugin to record and play audio.
Contributors: Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-auth01.0.1  2017-03-16MIT2,22318
Auth0 social login.Steve McNiven-Scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-autocomplete1.0.0  2016-11-29MIT2629
An editable text view that shows completion suggestions automatically while the user is typing.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-awesome-loaders1.2.1  2016-07-14MIT5495
NativeScript plugin to add custom loading indicators.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-aws1.0.0  2016-12-17MIT8110
NativeScript wrapper for the AWS JavaScript SDK. Fixes a few incompatibilites.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-azure-mobile-apps1.1.1  2017-02-09Apache-2.01,74911
A NativeScript plugin for working with Azure Mobile Apps.
Contributors: George Edwards, Eddy Verbruggen
Peter Staev (peterstaev)
nativescript-azure-mobile-basic0.1.2   2015-03-20MIT9323
A NativeScript module to read Azure Mobile Services backend table data.Alexander Ziskind (alexziskind1)
nativescript-background-fetch1.0.3  2016-11-22MIT4575
iOS Background Fetch API Implementation for NativeScript.Chris Scott, Transistor Software (transistorsoft)
nativescript-background-geolocation0.0.1  2016-06-08MIT17526
Sophisticated, battery-conscious, cross-platform background-geolocation with motion-detection and geofencing.Chris Scott, Transistor Software (transistorsoft)
nativescript-background-geolocation-lt1.5.0  2017-03-01MIT1,78526
Sophisticated, battery-conscious, cross-platform background-geolocation with motion-detection and geofencing.Chris Scott, Transistor Software (transistorsoft)
nativescript-background-gps0.0.2  2016-12-16MIT1521
Track GPS location updates in the background.Nick Coury (nickcoury)
nativescript-background-http2.5.1  2017-02-07Apache-2.04,83618
A cross platform plugin for [the NativeScript framework](, that provides background upload for iOS and Android.nativescript
nativescript-badge-button0.1.1  2016-08-23MIT2003
NativeScript plugin for badges inside of buttons.Sean Perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-barcodescanner2.4.0  2017-02-04MIT7,84060
Scan QR/barcodes with a {N} app.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-batch2.10.3  2016-07-23MIT4,1563
NativeScript module for implementing batch operations.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-behavior0.1.0   2016-06-28MIT1,2700
Behavioral components for NativeScript Views.Andrey F. Mindubaev (covex-nn)
nativescript-bitmap-factory1.7.0  2017-01-31MIT1,9466
A NativeScript module for creating and manipulating bitmap images.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-bluetooth1.1.4  2016-11-22MIT1,53641
Connect to and interact with Bluetooth LE peripherals.Telerik / Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-bootreceiver1.0.0  2016-05-22MIT1760
Starts the main activity of a NativeScript application on BOOT_RECEIVED.Jens Nistler (dashorando)
nativescript-bored-rudolph1.0.0  2017-01-20MIT1394
NativeScript plugin for a custom hidden Rudolph game inside a pull-to-refresh layout.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-bottombar1.1.5  2017-02-203111
NativeScript plugin for AHBottomNavigation.Jean-Baptiste Aniel (rhanbit)
nativescript-bottomnavigation1.0.5  2017-01-29MIT3054
NativeScript plugin for AHBottomNavigation.Kobby Sun (kobby-sun)
nativescript-cache1.0.0   2016-01-18MIT4534
A persistent caching plugin for NativeScript.PocketSmith (pocketsmith)
nativescript-calendar1.2.1  2017-02-11MIT2,19917
Interact with the native calendar. Add, Update, Read, you name it.Telerik / Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-calendar-weekview1.0.6  2017-03-21MIT23311
Nativescript Calendar WeekView allow adding events to weekview and styling them.Ravindra Mishra (dlucidone)
nativescript-CallLog1.0.6   2016-08-3004
Provides call log history for NativeScript mobile applications.Vojtech Kozak (kozakvoj)
nativescript-camera0.0.8  2017-01-17MIT4,3400
Provides API for using device camera.NativeScript team (stephenfeather)
nativescript-canvas-interface1.0.0  2016-02-21MIT7894
Nativescript Plugin to perform image manipulation using web-view canvas for Android/iOS.Shripal Soni (shripalsoni04)
nativescript-cardview1.3.2  2017-02-08Apache-2.07,30373
A NativeScript plugin for Material Design CardView component.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson, Nathanael Walker, Ned, Vladimir Nani, Stanimira Vlaeva, Eddy Verbruggen
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-carousel2.3.1  2017-02-14MIT82423
Carousel component for NativeScript (iOS & Android).Nedim Erkocevic (manijak)
nativescript-carousel-view2.9.0  2017-01-07MIT2,2438
CarouselView plugin for nativescript.Alex Rainman (alexrainman)
nativescript-charts0.0.7  2017-02-02MIT486
Chart plugin for Nativescript.Marek Maszay (markosko)
nativescript-chatview1.0.3  2016-07-23MIT72910
NativeScript UI module for implementing WhatsApp like chat applications.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-checkbox1.2.6  2017-02-09MIT2,50019
NativeScript plugin for checkbox widget.
Contributors: Nathan Walker, Steve McNiven-Scott, Osei Fortune
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-circle-menu1.0.0  2017-01-03MIT1608
CircleMenu is a simple, elegant menu with a circular layout.
Contributors: Joshua Wiens
Nathan Walker (deviantjs)
nativescript-cli-master.tgz2017-03-253,814kNativeScript (CLI) Command Line Interface
nativescript-clipboard1.1.6  2017-02-27MIT1,59014
A clipboard plugin for use in NativeScript apps. You can copy and paste text from and to the clipboard.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
Used for cloud support in NativeScript CLI.Progress (nativescript)
nativescript-coachmarks1.0.2  2016-08-21CENSE...4298
Display user coach marks with a couple of shape cutouts over an existing UI for NativeScript.Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-collapsing-header2.0.0  2016-10-04MIT1,2706
NativeScript Collapsing Header Plugin.Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-color-picker1.3.2  2016-12-05MIT8274
NativeScript plugin to show a color picker dialog.
Contributors: Sean Perkins, Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-component1.0.5   2017-03-24MIT2134
A module for easily creating reusable NativeScript components without Angular.Nathan Hill (binarynate)
nativescript-confettiview0.1.0  2016-11-29MIT942
NativeScript plugin for Confetti Views.Sean Perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-contacts1.5.0   2017-03-04MIT3,3369
A NativeScript module providing easy access to iOS and android contact directory. Pick a contact, update date, or add a new one!
Contributors: Steve McNiven-Scott, Nathanael Anderson, Peter Staev, Brian Thurlow
Ryan Lebel (firescript)
nativescript-contacts-lite0.2.1  2017-02-28MIT5295
NativeScript plugin providing pretty fast read-only access to the iOS and Android contact directory.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson
Jonathan Salomon (abhayastudios)
nativescript-contacts-picker1.2.8  2016-10-01MIT2,6060
A NativeScript plugin to pick contacts.Rob Laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-content-providers1.0.0  2016-09-30MIT1440
Better Android content providers.Rob Laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-coremotion0.1.7  2016-09-26MIT4761
iOS Core Motion plugin for NativeScript.Stephen Feather (stephenfeather)
nativescript-couchbase1.0.17  2017-03-04Apache-2.04,04848
Couchbase Lite plugin for Telerik NativeScript.Nic Raboy (couchbaselabs)
nativescript-css-loader0.26.1   2017-02-06MIT4,1500
nativescript fork of the css-loader module for webpack.Tobias Koppers @sokra (nativescript)
nativescript-custom-entitlements0.2.0   2017-03-21MIT6183
Nativescript hook for supporting custom Xcode 8 entitlements.Henk Bakker (essent)
nativescript-custom-local-notifications1.0.3  2016-09-15MIT3280
The Local Notifications plugin allows your app to show notifications when the app is not running. now with custom sounds (android only). Just like remote push notifications, but a few orders of magnitude easier to set up.Eddy Verbruggen (obsessive)
nativescript-ddp-login1.2.0  2016-07-14MIT6225
NativeScript plugin to enable ddp login.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-dev-babel0.1.6   2017-01-17Apache-2.01,9120
Babel support for NativeScript projects =======================================.NativeScript (nativescript)
nativescript-dev-coffeescript0.0.6   2017-02-17Apache-2.01,2906
CoffeeScript support for NativeScript projects.nativescript
nativescript-dev-cucumber0.1.4   2016-12-07MIT1,7400
A NativeScript plugin to help integrate and run Cucumber tests with Appium.UnionUp (marcbuils)
nativescript-dev-jade0.0.6   2015-12-09Apache-2.01,2606
Jade support for NativeScript projects.nativescript
nativescript-dev-jade-html0.0.7   2016-07-06Apache-2.01541
Jade support for NativeScript projects.riechao
nativescript-dev-less0.0.10   2017-01-12Apache-2.02,1010
LESS CSS pre-processor for NativeScript projects.nativescript
nativescript-dev-sass0.4.2   2017-01-31Apache-2.05,55017
SASS CSS pre-processor for NativeScript projects.Todd Anglin (toddanglin)
nativescript-dev-typescript0.3.7   2017-02-01Apache-2.068,5347
TypeScript support for NativeScript projects. Install using `tns install typescript`.nativescript
nativescript-dev-webpack0.3.6   2017-03-08Apache-2.016,35114
A package to help with webpacking NativeScript apps.
Contributors: Hristo Deshev
nativescript-dev-xmlxsd0.1.0   2015-12-09Apache-2.02,0530
XML validation against XSD schema for NativeScript projects.nativescript
nativescript-dialog0.1.0  2017-02-22Apache-2.02,65314
A NativeScript plugin for iOS and Android that allows you to create custom dialog.Vladimir Enchev (enchev)
nativescript-directions1.0.5  2017-02-23MIT49421
Leverage the native Maps app to show directions from and to anywhere you like.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-disable-bitcode1.0.0  2017-03-08MIT1521
A NativeScript plugin to disable CocoaPods Bitcode.Essent (essent)
nativescript-doctor0.3.4   2017-03-22Apache-2.02,4340
Library that helps identifying if the environment can be used for development of {N} apps.Telerik (nativescript)
nativescript-dom1.0.9  2017-03-08MIT3,88026
A NativeScript module for DOM Emulation.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-downloadmanager0.1.0  2016-12-20MIT543
A small library to interact with android DownloadManager.Pol Cámara (polcpp)
nativescript-drawingpad1.1.2  2016-12-07Apache-2.01,35732
A NativeScript plugin to provide a way to capture any drawing (signatures are a common use case) from the device screen.
Contributors: Leo Caseiro, Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-drop-down1.5.3  2017-02-26Apache-2.08,77140
A NativeScript DropDown widget.Peter Staev (peterstaev)
nativescript-dynamicloader1.0.0   Commercial
Dynamically load and upload declarative ui (xml/js) into any viewNathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-effects0.3.0  2016-02-24MIT1,62117
A NativeScript plugin that extend animations to include common animation scenarios.
Contributors: Steve McNiven-Scott
Alexander Ziskind (alexziskind1)
nativescript-email1.4.0  2017-01-18MIT2,52817
Email plugin for your NativeScript app.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-emulator-reload1.2.0  2015-05-20WTFPL 1,4232
This small gulp script will monitor the source files of a NativeScript project and when a file is changed it'll rebuild and reload the emulator.Emil Oberg (emiloberg)
nativescript-enumerable3.5.2  2016-09-09MIT6,5595
A NativeScript module providing LINQ style extensions for handling arrays and lists.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-epub0.1.0  2016-08-25MIT1013
NativeScript plugin for ePub reader.Sean Perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-estimote-sdk1.0.3  2017-03-12MIT5898
Estimote SDK plugin for Nativescript.Progress Software Corporation (progress)
nativescript-explosionfield1.0.3  2016-12-05MIT8113
:bomb: NativeScript plugin to create an exploding particle animation :bomb:.
Contributors: Josh Sommer
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-ezaudio1.1.7  2016-12-15MIT1,7025
NativeScript plugin for the iOS audio visualization framework built upon Core Audio useful for anyone doing real-time, low-latency audio processing and visualizations.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson
Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-fabric0.2.2  2017-03-22MIT12,69312
A NativeScript Plugin for Reinhardt (hypery2k)
nativescript-facebook-login1.0.0  2017-02-231,54719
A NativeScript module providing Facebook login for Android and iOS.Antonio Cueva Urraco (antoniocuevaurraco)
nativescript-facebook-login-webpack0.2.3  2017-02-211200
A NativeScript module providing Facebook login for Android and iOS.Antonio Cueva Urraco (sis0k0)
nativescript-facebookrebound1.0.1  2016-11-09Apache-2.03610
NativeScript plugin to use Facebook's Spring Animations for Android.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-fancyalert1.1.2  2016-12-15MIT2,12539
Fancy alerts for NativeScript.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-fcuuid1.0.2  2016-09-12MIT1711
A NativeScript plugin that wraps FCUUID for iOS.Rob Laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-file-photoview0.1.3  2017-02-19MIT1350
NativeScript plugin for viewing an image file from local storage on Android.Clarence Ho (skywidesoft)
nativescript-file-picker0.0.2  2016-12-12MIT750
Your awesome NativeScript plugin.Your Name (kazemihabib)
nativescript-fingerprint-auth3.0.1  2017-01-13MIT26024
A fingerprint authentication plugin for use in NativeScript apps.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-firebase0.1.1  2016-12-05MIT1,1310
A {N} compatible wrapper for the Firebase node.js sdk.Matt Lyons, (lyonzy)
nativescript-flashlight1.2.0  2016-10-04MIT2,40532
A flashlight NativeScript module for Android and iOS.
Contributors: Brad Martin
TJ VanToll (tjvantoll)
nativescript-floatingactionbutton2.2.7  2016-12-07Apache-2.08,12838
A NativeScript plugin for Material Design Floating Action Button.
Contributors: Lázaro Danillo, Steve McNiven-Scott, Nathanael Anderson, Gabriel Marinho
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-foaas1.0.5  2016-02-268460
Foaas wrapper for nativescript, both really good and really bad for demos.Steve McNiven-Scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-fonticon1.1.1  2016-12-15MIT1,78813
Use custom font icon collections seamlessly with NativeScript.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson
Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-fortumo-sms1.1.4  2016-05-14MIT1,2170
A NativeScript module providing access to Fortumo SMS Gateway.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-fresco1.0.16  2017-01-23ISC6,95417
This is a NativeScript plugin wrapping the popular Fresco library for managing images on Android.
Contributors: Deyan Ginev, Vladimir Amiorkov
Deyan Ginev (nativescript)
nativescript-fresco-compat1.0.17  2017-03-19ISC750
This is a NativeScript plugin wrapping the popular Fresco library for managing images on Android with a compatibility fix for fresco 0.14.1.
Contributors: Deyan Ginev, Vladimir Amiorkov
Deyan Ginev (code0wl)
nativescript-geofire-plugin1.0.5  2017-03-21MIT2944
GeoFire for Nativescript - Realtime location queries with Firebase for Android and iOS.Shripal Soni (shripalsoni04)
nativescript-geolocation0.0.19  2017-03-0311,23514
Provides API for getting and monitoring location for NativeScript app.Nedyalko Nikolov (nativescript)
nativescript-gif1.0.9  2017-02-26MIT1,56812
NativeScript plugin to use .gifs.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson, Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-globalevents1.1.2  2016-12-07MIT2,7940
A NativeScript plugin to deal with Global page events.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-GMImagePicker1.0.4  2016-09-07MIT00
A NativeScript plugin that wraps GMImagePicker for iOS.Rob Laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-google-analytics0.3.6  2017-03-12Apache-2.04,67010
Integrate native google analytics iOS and Android widgets into NativeScript.Steve McNiven-Scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-google-analytics-demographics0.3.5  2017-01-31Apache-2.0630
Integrate native google analytics iOS and Android widgets into NativeScript, with support for demographics.Steve McNiven-Scott & Mark Hatchell (markhatchell)
nativescript-google-maps-sdk1.4.3  2016-12-30MIT10,26384
Google Maps SDK plugin for Nativescript.Dan Prietti (dapriett)
nativescript-google-maps-sdk-8-4-02.0.0  2017-02-13ISC7013
This package is no longer supported and has been deprecated.dapriett
nativescript-google-maps-utils0.1.2  2017-03-01Unlicense38015
NativeScript Google Maps SDK utility library to support features such as marker clustering, heatmap, ...Nader Toukabri (naderio)
nativescript-google-mobile-ads-sdk1.0.5  2015-12-16MIT1,3661
This package installs the Google Mobile Ads for iOS via CocoaPods.Nikolay Diyanov (nikolay-diyanov)
nativescript-google-sdk0.1.18  2015-06-29Apache-2.03,7262
Contains instructions for adding the Google SDKs to a NativeScript project.Valio Stoychev (valentinstoychev)
nativescript-google-signin0.1.0  2016-08-112111
A NativeScript module providing google signin for Android.Carlos Mario Villadiego (carvarr)
nativescript-googlemaps0.0.6  2016-11-04Apache-2.02,6050
Provides API for showing location on a google maps.Nedyalko Nikolov (nativescript)
nativescript-grid-view1.4.1  2017-01-30Apache-2.06,01518
A NativeScript GridView widget.Peter Staev (peterstaev)
nativescript-hidden1.0.0   Commercial
A plugin to allow nativescript to support hidden visibility.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-hockey-sdk0.0.1  2016-07-09CENSE...2221
Use the HockeyApp SDK in NativeScript projects.Todd Anglin (toddanglin)
nativescript-homekit1.0.0  2017-01-07MIT4410
HomeKit plugin for your NativeScript app.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-hook0.2.1   2017-01-17Apache-2.062,5333
Helper module for installing hooks into NativeScript projects.NativeScript (nativescript)
nativescript-hook-debug-production1.0.4   2017-03-24MIT2060
Hook for selecting files based on debug or production build for NativeScript Apps.Marek Maszay (markosko)
nativescript-hook-filter-modules1.0.5   2016-10-04MIT4456
Shrinking size of built application by deleting defined set of node_modules inside tns_modules.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Marek Maszay (markosko)
nativescript-hosted-device1.0.0  2016-05-31MIT1720
A NativeScript Device Plugin for Hosted Applications.Ken Williamson (ulbora)
nativescript-hosted-toast1.0.0  2016-05-31MIT1680
A NativeScript Toast Plugin for Hosted Applications.Ken Williamson (ulbora)
nativescript-https1.0.1  2016-12-28MIT15219
Secure HTTP client with SSL pinning for Nativescript - iOS/Android.Rob Laverty (gethuman)
nativescript-idle1.0.1   2016-11-30Apache-2.0940
Schedule callback to be called when the application is idle.panayotcankov
nativescript-image-cache-it1.6.0  2017-02-22MIT3,56310
Image caching plugin for nativescript.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-image-cache-media1.0.5  2017-02-22MIT3910
A plugin for caching web images on Android and iOS.Alejandro Nieto (nnieto)
nativescript-image-colors1.0.3  2016-09-29MIT7273
NativeScript colors from images.Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-image-filters1.0.4  2016-12-07MIT7756
NativeScript plugin to easily apply filters to your pictures.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-imagecropper0.0.7  2016-11-21MIT1,2885
A image cropper based on TOCropViewController for iOS and uCrop for Android.bthurlow (bthurlow)
nativescript-imagepicker2.5.1  2017-02-22Apache 2.04,97518
A plugin for the NativeScript framework implementing multiple image picker.nativescript
nativescript-insomnia1.2.1  2017-02-10MIT9537
Make the screen not dim (and eventually lock the device) while Insomnia is active.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-intercom-bridge1.0.0  2017-03-14MIT250
NativeScript Plugin for Intercom.Emre Suzen (aemr3)
nativescript-intro-slides1.0.6  2016-05-21MIT3,18237
NativeScript intro slides plugin.Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-ios-uuid1.0.0  2016-12-14Apache-2.04243
A NativeScript plugin for iOS that allows you to get a UUID (Universal Unique Identifier) for a device.Rossen Hristov (hamorphis)
nativescript-iqkeyboardmanager1.0.1  2017-03-18MIT13,13321
NativeScript wrapper of the popular IQKeyboardManager iOS library.TJ VanToll (tjvantoll)
nativescript-joystick0.4.4  2017-01-24MIT8381
NativeScript XML plugin to create native JoyStick widget.Sebastian Witalec (sebawita)
nativescript-jsx0.0.1   2015-07-07MIT2880
JSX support for NativeScript (WIP).Arthur Stolyar (openjsx)
nativescript-keyboardshowing1.0.0  2016-10-06MIT1912
Find out if keyboard is showing and fires events when keyboard shows or hides.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-keyframes1.0.0  2016-11-25MIT6724
Easily use the Facebook Keyframes library in your NativeScript app.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-kiip0.1.3  2017-03-15Apache-2.03560
Integrate native kiip widgets into NativeScript.Steve McNiven-Scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-kontaktio1.0.0  2017-02-14ISC351
NativeScript Plugin for Kontakt io Beacons.Juneil (juneil)
nativescript-lan-scan0.2.0  2017-02-04MIT1091
NativeScript wrapper for iOS MMLanScan CocoaPod [BETA].Burke Holland (BurkeHolland)
nativescript-launchkit0.1.2  2016-05-11Apache-2.03600
Integrate native launchkit iOS widgets into NativeScript.Steve McNiven-Scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-lazy1.0.4  2016-09-06MIT1630
A NativeScript module that provides an OOP version of the build-in lazy function.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-liquid-loader1.0.0  2016-06-29MIT1571
NativeScript plugin for a slick liquid loading animation.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-listview-header0.2.1  2016-01-26MIT5740
A ios UITableView plugin for nativescript which allows you to add table headerview.Rajiv Narayana (rajivnarayana)
nativescript-live-engage1.2.3  2017-03-23MIT5155
A NativeScript plugin to display a LivePerson LiveEngage chat on Android.Essent (essent)
nativescript-liveedit2.3.0  2016-09-20MIT3,14834
A LiveEdit/LiveSync NativeScript module for Android v2.3.0 Runtimes.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-loading-indicator2.2.2  2017-02-22MIT4,32837
A NativeScript plugin for showing an overlayed loading indicator.
Contributors: Pocketsmith
Nathan Walker (pocketsmith)
nativescript-local-notifications1.2.1  2017-01-09MIT3,08143
The Local Notifications plugin allows your app to show notifications when the app is not running. Just like remote push notifications, but a few orders of magnitude easier to set up.Telerik / Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-localize1.9.3  2017-02-16MIT7711
Native internationalization plugin for NativeScript using platforms standards.Ludovic Fabrèges (lfabreges)
nativescript-localstorage1.1.0  2016-12-10MIT39915
LocalStorage/SessionStorage API.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-logEntries1.0.1  2016-10-18MIT01
A NativeScript module providing LogEntries functionalites for Android and iOS.Antonio Cueva (antoniocuevaurraco)
nativescript-loki1.0.1   2016-01-05MIT4774
Thin wrapper around Loki and Loki NativeScript adapter.Tobias Hennig (tobiashennig)
nativescript-lottie1.1.2  2017-02-13MIT25727
NativeScript plugin to expose native Lottie library.
Contributors: Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-mapbox2.6.0  2017-03-22MIT5,31149
Native Maps, by Mapbox.Telerik / Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-marshmallow-loader1.0.0  2016-07-20MIT1420
NativeScript plugin for the Android Marshmallow loading animation.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-maskedinput0.0.3  2016-11-29MIT7676
A {N} masked input plugin for iOS and Android.bthurlow (bthurlow)
nativescript-master-detail-angular21.0.2   2016-11-27Apache-2.01933
NativeScript Master Detail Angular2 template.Aslan Vatsaev (avatsaev)
nativescript-master-technology1.1.0  2017-02-06MIT1,52411
A Simple NativeScript Utility Library.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-material-icons1.0.3  2016-11-11MIT7444
A package containing ready to use material design icon font and css classes for nativescript projects.Shripal Soni (shripalsoni04)
nativescript-material-loading-indicator1.0.0  2015-09-16MIT3650
This package installs an activity indicator for iOS inspired by the material design indicator of Android.Nikolay Diyanov (nikolay-diyanov)
nativescript-material-showcaseview1.0.1  2017-02-10MIT500
Nativescript plugin for android based on MaterialShowcaseView library Rios Campos (rcluan)
nativescript-materialdropdownlist1.0.15  2017-01-22MIT2,7015
Material-Inspired Dropdown List XML widget for NativeScript Apps.Bradley Gore (bradleygore)
nativescript-media-generator0.2.4  2017-03-14MIT3,4897
Generates NativeScript Media (Splashscreens, Icons,Images & Screenshots).Martin Reinhardt (hypery2k)
nativescript-messenger1.2.0  2016-08-22MIT2,8406
A SMS Messenger NativeScript module for Android and iOS and Android.
Contributors: Ivan Buhov, Steve McNiven-Scott, Osei Fortune
Ryan Lebel (firescript)
nativescript-meteor0.0.6  2016-11-18apache9136
Plugin to connect via DDP Meteor with NativeScript.jayuda (jayuda)
nativescript-meteor-client0.0.5  2017-01-25MIT2183
Nativescript module enabling the use of the Meteor.Ivan Greguric Ortolan (ntrp)
nativescript-midi0.0.5  2017-02-16MIT1691
A NativeScript plugin for communicating with MIDI devices (e.g. musical instruments or apps).Nathan Hill (binarynate)
nativescript-mip-ble0.2.4  2017-01-24MIT2893
NativeScript plugin that allows to control a Mip robot.Sebastian Witalec (sebawita)
nativescript-mixpanel1.0.6  2017-03-24MIT9960
Mixpanel tracking.
Contributors: Blake Nussey
Antonio Cueva (antoniocuevaurraco)
nativescript-mqtt0.0.1  2016-06-281854
A {N} MQTT WebSocket plugin for iOS and Android.krislankford
nativescript-msgraph0.1.4  2016-09-19MIT2940
MSGraph for NativeScript.Alexander Ziskind (alexziskind1)
nativescript-na-camera1.2.0  2016-11-211354
A NativeScript camera plugin.Filip Nordling (nordlingart)
nativescript-na-keyboard1.1.0  2016-10-212071
A NativeScript keyboard observer.Filip Nordling (nordlingart)
nativescript-na-slider1.1.3  2017-02-10MIT2600
A NativeScript slider plugin.Filip Nordling (nordlingart)
nativescript-na-slideshow1.5.0  2017-02-22MIT1,2282
A NativeScript slideshow.Filip Nordling (nordlingart)
nativescript-nfc1.0.0  2016-11-11MIT1548
NFC plugin for your NativeScript app.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-ng2-cli-magic1.0.0  2017-01-16MIT2,6692
Magically integrate in Angular2 web app with NativeScript.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson, Nathan Walker
rhanbIT (rhanbit)
nativescript-ng2-fonticon1.3.4  2017-01-03MIT4,36127
Use custom font icon collections seamlessly with NativeScript + Angular2.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson
Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-ng2-magic1.9.0  2016-11-16MIT15,79958
Magically integrate your Angular2 web app with NativeScript.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson
Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-ng2-meteor1.0.3  2017-02-01MIT4632
Nativescript module enabling the use of the Meteor infrastructure.Ivan Greguric Ortolan (ntrp)
nativescript-ng2-parallax0.1.9  2017-03-20MIT98114
Parallax NativeScript + Angular plugin.Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-ng2-slides0.0.9  2017-01-25MIT65412
Angular Native(NativeScript + Angular 2) version of the slides.Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-ng2-translate2.0.0   2017-01-10ISC4,4323
This package is no longer supported and has been deprecated. To avoid malicious use, npm is hanging on to the package name.nathanwalker
nativescript-ng2-vlc-player1.0.2  2016-08-21MIT8522
nativescript ng2 vlc player plugin.habibkazemi (kazemihabib)
nativescript-ngkeyboardtracker0.0.2  2017-02-08MIT620
Nativescript wrapper of the NgKeyboardTracker iOS library.Ludovic Fabrèges (lfabreges)
nativescript-ngx-fonticon2.1.2  2017-03-23MIT1,02027
Use custom font icon collections seamlessly with NativeScript for Angular.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson, Martin Reinhardt
Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-nodeify0.5.3  2017-03-06MIT60824
Attempts to make most npm modules 'just work' with NativeScript.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-numberpicker.Balogun oghenerobo Philip (robophil)
nativescript-numeric-keyboard2.1.1  2017-02-22MIT2494
Handy and elegant numeric keyboard for iOS NativeScript apps. On Android we fall back to the regular numeric keyboard for now.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-oauth1.4.0  2017-03-16MIT2,69216
OAuth 2 login for NativeScript.
Contributors: Kevin Primm, Toma Nikolov
Alexander Ziskind (alexziskind1)
nativescript-observable-subscribe0.1.5   2015-05-03MIT1,6981
A NativeScript module to add subscribe functionality to observables.Alex Ziskind (alexziskind1)
nativescript-ocr0.1.1  2017-03-10MIT27518
Optical Character Recognition - powered by Tesseract.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-office3650.1.1  2016-07-23MIT4000
Office 365 Graph API plugin for NativeScript.Alexander Ziskind (alexziskind1)
nativescript-okhttp0.0.8  2017-03-13MIT1,6141
[OkHttp]( is an HTTP client that supports:.Kiril Stanoev (kiril-stanoev)
nativescript-onesignal1.0.6  2017-03-21MIT59412
A Nativescript plugin for OneSignal's Push Notifications SDK.Rob Laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-open-app0.1.0  2017-03-15MIT250
A NativeScript plugin for opening other applications on the device (with app store fallback).Ludwik Trammer (ludwiktrammer)
nativescript-opentok1.6.7  2017-02-17MIT6,5285
Integrates OpenTok for NativeScript.
Contributors: Osei Fortune
Sean Perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-openurl1.0.2  2015-09-16MIT9390
A Simple NativeScript open url module for Android and iOS.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-orientation1.6.1  2017-03-25MIT2,21217
A NativeScript plugin to deal with Declarative UI and Screen Orientation.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-pager2.3.0  2017-02-21MIT7464
[![npm](]( [![npm](]( Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-panorama-imageview1.0.0  2017-01-09MIT402
Panoramic Image View for NativeScript.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-parallax1.1.0  2016-05-16MIT3,60213
NativeScript Parallax View Plugin.Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-paypal2.6.7  2017-03-07MIT6,2766
A NativeScript module providing access to PayPal SDK.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-pdf-view1.2.1  2017-02-11MIT8659
A NativeScript plugin to display PDF files on iOS and Android.Merott Movahedi (merott)
nativescript-pdf-view-bundling-enabled1.2.1  2016-10-05MIT8550
A NativeScript plugin to display PDF files on iOS and Android.Corné de Bruin (corne-de-bruin)
nativescript-pdf-viewer3.1.0  2017-03-08MIT7150
A NativeScript plugin to display PDF files on iOS and Android, with support for Xcode 8.Essent (essent)
nativescript-pedometer2.0.2  2017-01-27MIT2582
NativeScript pedometer plugin. Step counting FTW!Your Name (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-periscopehearts1.0.1  2016-12-05Apache-2.02431
A NativeScript plugin for Periscope's heart animation. (Android Only).Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-permissions1.2.3  2017-02-02MIT4,93721
A NativeScript plugin to deal with Android permissions.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-phone1.2.4  2017-03-18MIT5,02129
NativeScript plugin to use the device phone and SMS features for Android and iOS.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Mike Sywensky (msywensky)
Phone number validation flow demo project for NativeScript with ng2.Jonathan Salomon (abhayastudios)
nativescript-photoviewer1.0.0  2017-03-24APACHE1,03114
A simple Photo-viewer component for NativeScript based on NYTPhotoViewer pod for iOS and ImageGalleryViewer for Android.Nedim Erkocevic (manijak)
nativescript-physics-js1.0.5  2016-01-25MIT1,2866
NativeScript renderer for PhysicsJS library.Alexander Vakrilov (vakrilov)
nativescript-platform1.1.0  2017-02-03MIT3,0880
A NativeScript plugin to easily deal with getting the platform running on.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-platform-css1.4.0  2016-12-29MIT1,9157
A NativeScript plugin to deal with Declarative UI and Platform CSS.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-play-pause-button1.0.2  2016-08-06MIT8950
NativeScript Play Pause Button.Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-plugin-appcompat22.2.1  2015-08-25Apache-2.06833
A plugin which installs the [v7-appcompat Android Support library]( to your NativeScript project.nativescript
nativescript-plugin-appsflyer1.0.7  2017-01-16MIT2950
Appsflyer SDK for NativeScript applications.Appsflyer / Maxim Shoustin (appsflyersdk)
nativescript-plugin-firebase3.11.1  2017-03-23MIT16,740196
Fire. Base. Firebase!Telerik / Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-plugin-google-play-services26.0.2  2015-08-25Apache-2.01,0204
A plugin which installs the [Google Play Services library]( to your NativeScript project.nativescript
nativescript-powerinfo1.0.7  2016-04-16MIT1,1400
battery and power information NativeScript plugin.Phil Adams (philvbprogrammer)
nativescript-print-zebra1.0.0    Commercial
Print via bluetooth to Zebra printersNathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-printer1.0.0  2016-12-09MIT567
Send an image or the screen contents to a physical printer.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-progressbar1.0.2  2016-03-02Apache-2.07212
XML widget to create native Progress Bars in NativeScript apps.Sebastian Witalec (sebawita)
nativescript-protect1.0.0    Commercial
Protect and encrypt your app's source codeNathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-pspdfkit1.0.0  2016-08-04MIT1356
Nativescript implementation of PSPDFKit.Sean Perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-pubnub2.0.3  2016-07-14MIT1,0366
A NativeScript plugin to use pubnub.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-pulltorefresh1.1.10  2017-01-11Apache-2.05,22438
A NativeScript plugin to provide the Pull to Refresh control on any view.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson, Peter Staev, Andrew Halls
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-purchase1.0.3  2017-02-18Apache-2.039226
A NativeScript plugin for making in-app purchases.Peter Staev (peterstaev)
nativescript-push-notifications0.1.2  2017-03-04Apache-2.06,39961
The code for the Push Plugin for NativeScript.nativescript
nativescript-radiobutton0.1.0  2017-02-01Apache 2.05153
A plugin for nativescript that exposes the radiogroup and radiobutton native view elements.Tunaweza (tunaweza)
nativescript-randombytes1.0.0  2016-12-27MIT1201
NativeScript polyfill for Node randombytes.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-ratings1.0.1  2016-11-29Apache-2.02716
Prompt users to rate the Telerik NativeScript application.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Nic Raboy (nraboy)
nativescript-raygun1.0.0   2016-01-18MIT2301
A NativeScript plugin for Raygun error reporting.PocketSmith (pocketsmith)
nativescript-redux-devtools0.0.3   2016-11-03Apache-2.02521
Redux Devtools for
nativescript-ripple1.1.0  2016-12-21MIT64116
NativeScript plugin to add Material Design ripple effects to any layout.
Contributors: Morten Sjøgren
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-routed-values1.2.4  2016-07-23MIT5631
NativeScript module for implementing routed value graphs.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-safetynet-helper0.1.1  2017-03-15MIT200
A NativeScript plugin to use the SafetyNet API.Ryan Edge (chimon2000)
nativescript-sass0.1.1   2016-12-16Apache-2.0630
SASS CSS pre-processor for NativeScript projects.apokong
nativescript-screen-orientation1.0.2  2016-01-16MIT9527
A plugin to force change the orientation of a page programmatically in NativeScript. Supports both Android and iOS.Batheja Sumeet (videospike)
nativescript-screenshot0.0.2  2015-10-12Apache-2.03603
A plugin for iOS and Android that allows you to get NativeScript view as image.Vladimir Enchev (enchev)
nativescript-sectioned-list-view0.3.2  2016-05-26ISC1,1176
A native script listview plugin that can display sections.Rajiv Narayana (rajivnarayana)
nativescript-secure-storage2.1.0  2016-12-23MIT1,03617
Secure Storage NativeScript plugin.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-security1.0.0  2016-11-25MIT544
Security NativeScript plugin.NMA-SPMS (nma-spms)
nativescript-shatterview0.1.5  2016-06-06Apache-2.08430
Break your views into pieces.Steve McNiven-Scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-shimmer1.0.2  2016-12-11BSD2043
Facebook shimmer effect for your NativeScript app - iOS and Android.Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-sidedrawer1.0.5  2017-02-20MIT54117
SideDrawer menu plugin for Nativescript - iOS/Android.Rob Laverty (gethuman)
nativescript-signalr1.0.0  2016-12-11PATREON1585
A NativeScript plugin to connect and talk with a signalr server.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-sinch1.1.5  2016-05-02MIT1,0074
NativeScript plugin to use sinch.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-slider1.0.1  2016-11-04MIT2410
fork of nativescript ui/slider with dragged event.HabibKazemi (kazemihabib)
nativescript-slides2.2.8  2017-02-22MIT9,84137
NativeScript Slides plugin.
Contributors: Brad Martin, Obsessive Inc/Abhijith Reddy, Victor Nascimento, Steve McNiven-Scott
Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-sms-inbox1.0.4  2017-03-04MIT2082
Read text messages in the android phone inbox using undocumented android api.Julius Githaiga (jgithaiga)
nativescript-snackbar1.1.6  2016-12-07Apache-2.04,23928
A NativeScript plugin providing the Material Design SnackBar.
Contributors: Steve McNiven-Scott, Nathanael Anderson, Marc Buils, Rob Laverty
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-social-login1.5.2  2017-03-16MIT4,63814
NativeScript plugin for social (token based) log-ins.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-social-share1.3.2  2017-01-18MIT19,24626
A NativeScript module to use the native social sharing widget.TJ VanToll (tjvantoll)
nativescript-socket.io0.5.0  2017-02-16Unlicense2,04318 implementation in NativeScript.
Contributors: Ludovic Fabrèges
Nader Toukabri (naderio)
nativescript-socketio2.3.0  2017-03-06MIT4,97620
Socket.IO for nativescript.
Contributors: Don Burgess, Robert Laverty
Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-sonos0.4.0  2017-03-21MIT1280
Control Sonos systems from NativeScript apps.Todd Anglin (toddanglin)
nativescript-sound1.0.4  2015-09-29MIT1,6075
Play a sound in your NativeScript app.John Bristowe (JBristowe)
nativescript-speech-recognition1.1.2  2017-03-05MIT15010
Speech to text plugin, leveraging iOS and Android's built-in recognition engines.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-splashscreen2.3.0  2017-02-22MIT1,67731
NativeScript for splashscreens.
Contributors: Nathan Walker
Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-spotify1.6.1  2016-11-29MIT8,56117
Spotify for your NativeScript app.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson, Brad Martin
Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-sqlite1.1.3  2017-03-10MIT8,81868
A sqlite NativeScript module for Android and iOS.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-sse2.0.0  2016-09-03MIT1958
A client for Server-Sent Events.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-star-ratings0.1.0  2017-01-03MIT752
NativeScript star ratings UI component plugin.Sean Perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-status-bar1.1.0  2017-02-22Apache-2.07239
A simple NativeScript plugin for controlling status bar visibility.
Contributors: Adrian Pluta
Peter Staev (peterstaev)
nativescript-statusbar1.0.0  2017-02-22MIT3,62610
Provides API for setting the status bar style on iOS.
Contributors: Burke Holland, Brad Martin
Burke Holland (BurkeHolland)
nativescript-stringformat2.3.4  2016-07-23MIT4,4911
NativeScript module for handling strings.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-stripe1.0.0  2017-03-20MIT264
[![npm](]( [![npm](]( Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-svg1.1.3  2017-01-27MIT2,80113
NativeScript SVG plugin.Victor Sosa (peoplewaredo)
nativescript-swiper0.1.0  2016-11-23MIT1201
[![npm](]( [![npm](]( Wu (imwalson)
nativescript-swiss-army-knife1.0.71  2016-11-09MIT5,02131
Nativescript Swiss Army Knife.
Contributors: Brad Martin, Nathan Walker
Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-taptic-engine2.0.2  2017-02-07MIT2545
Taptic Engine, the subtle iPhone vibration engine. Available since iPhone 6s (Plus).Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-taskpie1.0.5  2016-07-23MIT9112
A NativeScript module for drawing Microsoft Planner like progress charts.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-tasks1.0.8  2016-12-07MIT3396
NativeScript module for simply invoking and handling background tasks via web workers.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-telegram-image-picker1.0.3  2017-02-17MIT2098
NativeScript plugin using the TelegramGallery Image Picker library for a customized image picker.
Contributors: Daxito
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-telephony1.0.4  2017-02-26MIT4089
A Nativescript plugin to get the device's SIM data (carrier name, mcc mnc, country code, telephonenumber, etc).Rob Laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-template-drawer1.3.1   2016-10-24MIT1,66735
A NativeScript starter template with drawer navigation.TJ VanToll (tjvantoll)
nativescript-template-drawer-ts1.3.1   2017-02-01MIT1,81216
A NativeScript starter template, in TypeScript, with drawer navigation.Ignacio Fuentes (ignaciofuentes)
nativescript-template-groceries1.0.0   2017-02-019640
Template for starting the NativeScript getting started Groceries tutorial.tjvantoll
nativescript-template-ng-groceries1.0.0   2017-02-011,5200
Template for starting Groceries as part of the NativeScript Getting Started Tutorial.tjvantoll
nativescript-template-ng-tutorial1.0.1   2017-02-213,9520
Template for starting the NativeScript Getting Started Tutorial.tjvantoll
nativescript-template-tutorial1.0.1   2017-02-012,6620
Template for starting the NativeScript Getting Started Tutorial.tjvantoll
nativescript-tesseract-ios1.0.8  2016-09-10MIT6670
A NativeScript plugin that wraps tesseract for iOS.Rob Laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-tests-hook0.0.1  2017-03-24MIT481
Nativescript plugin that lets you handling your Nativescript tests like the angular style guide.Juan Delgadillo (juandelgadillo)
nativescript-textdrawable1.0.2  2016-07-14MIT4562
NativeScript plugin to create images from text.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-textinputlayout0.1.4  2017-01-22MIT9808
A NativeScript plugin to provide an XML widget to implement the Material Design TextInputLayout.Bradley Gore (bradleygore)
nativescript-texttospeech1.3.2  2017-03-24MIT1,98216
A text to speech NativeScript plugin for Android and iOS.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Anarchic Knight (anarchicknight)
nativescript-theme-christmas1.0.0  2016-12-17MIT460
A Vintage Christmas theme for NativeScript apps.Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-theme-core1.0.3  2017-03-01Apache-2.038,04240
Telerik NativeScript Core Theme.Telerik (nativescript)
nativescript-themes1.1.0  2016-11-29MIT1,3049
A NativeScript plugin to deal with Themes in the Declarative UI.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-timedatepicker1.1.1  2017-03-012,48416
A NativeScript module providing native Android time and date pickers.
Contributors: Brad Martin, DomGaud
Antonio Cueva Urraco (antoniocuevaurraco)
nativescript-timedatepicker-renet1.2.1  2016-11-242221
A NativeScript module providing native Android time and date pickers.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Antonio Cueva Urraco (leocaseiro)
nativescript-toast1.4.5  2017-02-28MIT5,10429
A NativeScript Toast Plugin for Android and iOS apps.Tobias Hennig (tobiashennig)
nativescript-toasts1.0.3  2017-02-18ISC5292
Provides common API to create toast notifications for android and iOS.M Danish Siddiqui (mdanishs)
nativescript-toasty1.1.5  2016-12-17MIT3955
NativeScript toast plugin.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-toolbar0.3.0  2016-12-26MIT1,3011
A ios UIToolBar plugin for nativescript.Rajiv Narayana (rajivnarayana)
nativescript-toolbox1.49.1  2017-03-09MIT16,42834
A NativeScript module that is a composition of useful classes, tools and helpers.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-tooltip2.1.0  2017-01-25MIT1554
NativeScript plugin to create tooltips.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-touchid2.1.2  2016-11-29MIT1,20124
Deprected, use nativescript-fingerprint-auth from now on (which has Android support!).Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-trace-raven1.0.0  2017-03-13MIT273
Custom NativeScript TraceWriter using Raven to write logs to Anglin (toddanglin)
nativescript-tracing1.0.0  2016-06-29MIT8902
A Simple tracing NativeScript module for Android and iOS.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-twitterbang1.1.3  2016-12-05Apache-2.01,0177
NativeScript plugin for Android to use native Twitter animation for the exploding heart.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-typedoc-theme0.0.7   2017-02-06Apache-2.03,7780
A TypeDoc theme for the API-Reference of the NativeScript Cross-Platform Modules.Telerik (nativescript)
nativescript-urban-airship1.2.1  2017-03-10MIT5732
Urban Airship plugin for NativeScript.Essent (essent)
nativescript-urlhandler0.4.0  2017-03-24MIT4,5882
Register custom URLs for your NativeScript app.Martin Reinhardt (hypery2k)
nativescript-utilities0.1.0   2017-01-10MIT370
A collection of reusable NativeScript utility classes and functions.Nathan Hill (binarynate)
nativescript-utils1.0.36   2017-02-28MIT5,2043
Useful collection of functions.Nicole Orpen (nicoleza)
nativescript-vibrate1.1.2  2016-10-16MIT2,8908
A vibrate NativeScript plugin for Android and iOS.Anarchic Knight (anarchicknight)
nativescript-videoplayer2.4.0  2017-02-08Apache-2.07,32137
A NativeScript plugin that uses the native video players to play local and remote videos.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson, Alexander Ziskind, Blake Nussey, Juan Manuel Campos Olvera, Ivo Georgiev
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-videorecorder1.3.4  2017-01-03MIT1,66914
NativeScript videorecording plugin.
Contributors: Victor Sosa
Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-wave-refresh1.0.0  2016-07-08MIT1833
NativeScript plugin for a custom pull-to-refresh layout.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-web-image-cache3.4.0  2017-01-29MIT1,8098
A wrapper over SDWebImageCache for iOS and Facebook Fresco for android for remote image caching on NativeScript.Batheja Sumeet (videospike)
nativescript-web-image-cache-with-fresco2.0.2  2016-08-09MIT1260
A wrapper over SDWebImageCache for iOS and Facebook Fresco for android for remote image caching on NativeScript.Batheja Sumeet (leocaseiro)
nativescript-websockets1.3.1  2017-01-17MIT & Apache 2.02,74338
A WebSocket NativeScript module for Android.
Contributors: Aleksey Gureiev, Choi Won
Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-websql0.0.2  2016-09-2600
A websql NativeScript module for Android and iOS.Anas Maghfur (amaghfur)
nativescript-webview-crypto0.1.5   2016-12-30MIT4642
window.crypto for NativeScript via a WebView.Saul Shanabrook (saulshanabrook)
nativescript-webview-interface1.4.1  2017-02-18MIT3,28323
Nativescript plugin for bi-directional communication between webView and android/ios.Shripal Soni (shripalsoni04)
nativescript-webworkers1.0.4  2016-06-29MIT98023
A WebWorker (thread) NativeScript module for Android and iOS.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-wechat-share0.1.1  2015-12-082412
A NativeScript module providing Wechat share for Android and iOS.Zhiqi Lin (linzhiqi)
nativescript-wikitudearchitectview0.4.6   2016-12-23MIT1,1080
A NativeScript plugin wikitude architect view.
Contributors: Jin
jin (jinhong-)
nativescript-xml2js0.5.0   2017-03-22MIT1,5203
Simple XML to JavaScript object converter.
Contributors: maqr, Ben Weaver, Jae Kwon, Jim Robert, Ștefan Rusu, Carter Cole, Kurt Raschke, Contra, Marcelo Diniz, Michael Hart, Zachary Scott, Raoul Millais, Salsita Software, Mike Schilling, Jackson Tian, Mikhail Zyatin, Chris Tavares, Frank Xu, Guido D'Albore, Jack Senechal, Matthias Hölzl, Camille Reynders, Taylor Gautier, Todd Bryan, Leore Avidar, Dave Aitken, Shaney Orrowe, Candle, Jess Telford, Tom Hughes, Piotr Rochala, Michael Avila, Ryan Gahl, Eric Laberge, Benjamin E. Coe, Stephen Cresswell, Pascal Ehlert, Tom Spencer, Tristian Flanagan, Tim Johns, Bogdan Chadkin, David Wood, Nicolas Maquet, Henk Bakker
Marek Kubica (spike1292)
nativescript-xmlobjects1.1.4  2016-07-30MIT9391
A NativeScript module that provides handling XML data as objects similar to LINQ to XML.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-xmpp-client1.2.0  2016-11-14MIT1542
XMPP websocket client plugin for Nativescript.Samuel Agbonkpolo (samuelagm)
nativescript-ylprogressbar0.0.5  2016-10-11ISC3040
YLprogressbar wrapper for nativescript.Juan Campos (juanmcampos)
nativescript-zendesk0.3.4  2016-12-22Apache-2.04,2714
A NativeScript module for integrating Zendesk.
Contributors: Antonio Cueva Urraco
Steve McNiven-Scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-zip1.1.0  2017-02-28MIT1925
##Installation `tns plugin add nativescript-zip`.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-zxing1.5.1  2017-02-10APACHE6113
A Simple ZXing barcode reader/writer wrapper.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
ngrx-devtools-nativescript0.3.1   2016-09-16MIT1,07613
Nativescript devtools for ngrx.Alexander Vakrilov (vakrilov)
ns-sweet-alert1.1.3  2017-01-23MIT2162
an implementation of sweet alert dialog for nativescript.Tomas (tomasdivito)
ns-tools0.0.3   2015-09-10ISC7145
Convenience Tools for working with NativeScript.Josh Jensen (joshjensen)
observable-sectioned-array0.1.2  2016-01-26ISC6176
A observable array which has sections of items.Rajiv Narayana (rajivnarayana)
perfectedtech-loopback-sdk-builder3.0.4   2017-02-28MIT229230
Tool for auto-generating Software Development Kits (SDKs) for LoopBack.
Contributors: João Ribeiro, Nikolay Matiushenkov, Sylvain Dumont, Yonggang Luo, Chris Tunbridge, Miguel Serrano
Jonathan Casarrubias (mean-expert-official)
pusher-nativescript0.0.1  2016-12-24MIT541
Pusher plugin for NativeScript with support to iOS and Android platforms.Juan Delgadillo (slidebean)
tns-ajax0.0.5  2017-01-25ISC1790
a simple ajax post method for nativescript.Abu Rawi (burawi)
tns-android-master.tgz2016-11-0828,643kAndroid Runtime
tns-conchecker0.0.1  2016-12-13ISC430
connectivity checker helpers for nativescript.Abu Rawi (burawi)
tns-core-modules2.5.2  2017-03-24Apache-2.0656,5349,777
Telerik NativeScript Core Modules.nativescript
tns-core-modules-master.tgz2017-02-07383kNativeScript common core components (tns-modules)
tns-core-modules-widgets2.5.0  2017-03-23Apache-2.0140,5164
Native widgets used in the NativeScript framework.NativeScript team (nativescript)
tns-core-modules-xsd-schema1.7.2   2017-02-06Apache-2.01,3679,777
An XSD Schema to validate the XML files of your NativeScript project.Telerik (nativescript)
tns-i18n0.0.7  2017-01-22ISC2872
Nativescript internationalization module.Abu Rawi (burawi)
tns-ios2.5.0  2017-03-14Apache-2.082,923133
Telerik NativeScript Runtime for iOS.Telerik (nativescript)
tns-ios-master.tgz1969-12-310kiOS Runtime
tns-mobileauth0.0.5  2017-02-15ISC1760
nativescript auth manager to use with mobile auth of nidam.Abu Rawi (burawi)
tns-platform-declarations2.5.2   2017-03-21Apache-2.015,4759,777
Platform-specific TypeScript declarations for NativeScript for accessing native objects.Telerik (nativescript)
tns-template-blank3.0.0   2017-03-14ISC2,0223
This package is no longer supported and has been deprecated. To avoid malicious use, npm is hanging on to the package name.nativescript
tns-template-blank-ts2.1.0   2017-02-17BSD5249,777
Nativescript blank-ts project template.Telerik (nativescript)
tns-template-brightwork-ng0.0.1   2016-11-28Apache-2.0502
Simple Hello World template for NativeScript apps using Angular 2 and Brightwork.Matti Salokangas (sturdynut)
tns-template-hello-world2.5.0   2017-02-01Apache-2.074,88616
Nativescript hello-world project template.Telerik (nativescript)
tns-template-hello-world-ng2.5.0   2017-02-01Apache-2.025,82820
Nativescript Angular Hello World template.Telerik (nativescript)
tns-template-hello-world-ts2.5.0   2017-02-01Apache-2.08,34410
Nativescript hello-world-ts project template.Telerik (nativescript)
tns-template-master-detail3.0.0   2017-03-14ISC1,1233
This package is no longer supported and has been deprecated. To avoid malicious use, npm is hanging on to the package name.nativescript
tns-template-master-detail-ts2.1.0   2017-02-06BSD5409,777
Nativescript master-detail-ts project template.Telerik (nativescript)
tns-template-plugin1.0.6   2016-08-05MIT11014
A NativeScript plugin generator seed.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
tns-template-settings2.1.0   2017-02-06BSD6679,777
Nativescript settings project template.Telerik (nativescript)
tns-template-settings-ts2.1.0   2017-02-06BSD4979,777
Nativescript settings-ts project template.Telerik (nativescript)
tns-template-tab-navigation3.0.0   2017-03-14ISC1,4513
This package is no longer supported and has been deprecated. To avoid malicious use, npm is hanging on to the package name.nativescript
tns-template-tab-navigation-ts2.1.0   2017-02-06BSD6039,777
Nativescript tab-navigation-ts project template.Telerik (nativescript)
xmllint.zip2015-10-16528kWindows XMLLint for NativeScript-LiveEdit