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Category Statistics
Data last updated: May 25, 2017
Addons found: 40
Newest addons: nativescript-hockey-sdk
Total Android addons:40
Total iOS addons:37
Addons supporting all platforms:37
Total addons authors: 27
Most proficient author: Brad Martin
(with 5 addons)
Most helpful author: nathanael anderson, Nathan Walker, bnussey
(with 4 assists)

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseDownloadsStars
nativescript-accelerometer2.0.0  2017-05-17MIT1,0215
NativeScript accelerometer plugin.
Contributors: shawn pavel
vakrilov (vakrilov)
nativescript-accordion4.0.1  2017-05-24MIT1,4009
A layout which supports expanding and collapsing child viewsosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-apiclient3.0.0  2017-05-13MIT11,89412
NativeScript module for simply calling HTTP based APIs.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-azure-storage1.2.0  2017-05-13MIT2502
Azure Storage for NativeScriptdouglas zanco franco (dzfweb)
nativescript-bottombar3.0.5  2017-05-241,3336
NativeScript plugin for AHBottomNavigation.rhanbit (rhanbIT)
nativescript-cardview2.0.1  2017-05-23Apache-2.011,85883
A NativeScript plugin for Material Design CardView component.
Contributors: NathanaelA, vladimir nani, eddy verbruggen, sis0k0, Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-checkbox2.0.0  2017-05-18MIT4,19124
NativeScript plugin for checkbox widget.
Contributors: steve mcniven-scott, Nathan Walker, osei fortune
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-drawingpad2.0.1  2017-05-23Apache-2.02,26336
A NativeScript plugin to provide a way to capture any drawing (signatures are a common use case) from the device screen.
Contributors: Nathan Walker, peter staev, leo caseiro
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-drop-down3.0.1  2017-05-13Apache-2.011,96447
A NativeScript DropDown widget.peter staev (PeterStaev)
nativescript-emoji1.1.1  2017-05-24MIT2308
Emoji for NativeScriptdouglas zanco franco (dzfweb)
nativescript-exoplayer3.0.6  2017-05-24Apache-2.06394
A NativeScript plugin that uses the ExoPlayer video player on Android to play local and remote videos.
Contributors: juan manuel campos olvera, alexziskind1, blake nussey, ivo georgiev, Brad Martin, bnussey
NathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-fancy-calendar3.0.0  2017-05-244118
Fancy calendar for NativeScript :smile: :beers:rhanbit (rhanbIT)
nativescript-filter-select1.0.6  2017-05-17MIT2301
Your awesome NativeScript plugin for select and filter items for a list.moayad al-najdawi (moayadnajd)
nativescript-gif2.0.0  2017-05-18MIT1,96013
NativeScript plugin to use .gifs
Contributors: NathanaelA, Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-google-maps-sdk2.1.1  2017-05-22MIT13,52294
Google Maps SDK plugin for Nativescriptdan prietti (dapriett)
nativescript-hockey-sdk1.2.0  2017-05-25MIT4162
Use the HockeyApp SDK in NativeScript projects
Contributors: arnau vp
toddanglin (toddanglin)
nativescript-ibeacon0.2.0  2017-05-17MIT582
iBeacon scanning support for Nativescriptdemetrio filocamo (demetrio812)
nativescript-image-cache1.0.5  2017-05-14MIT2980
Nativescript image caching plugin using Fresco for Android and SDWebImageCache for iOS
Contributors: bnussey
yezarela (yezarela)
nativescript-image-cache-it2.0.2  2017-05-19MIT4,34211
Image caching plugin for nativescriptosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-imagepicker3.0.1  2017-05-10Apache 2.07,12020
A plugin for the NativeScript framework implementing multiple image pickerNativeScript
nativescript-jpush1.2.1  2017-05-15MIT12517
A Nativescript plugin for jpush SDKfeng (roblav96)
nativescript-localize2.0.1  2017-05-11MIT1,4541
Native internationalization plugin for NativeScript using platforms standardslfabreges
nativescript-locate-address1.0.1  2017-05-24MIT350
Opening Native Mapping App from your Mobile {N} App to locate address.issam guissouma (iguissouma)
nativescript-masked-text-field1.0.1  2017-05-24Apache-2.01337
A NativeScript masked text field widget.peter staev (PeterStaev)
nativescript-msf1.0.0  2017-05-25ISC01
a plugin for tmall goods built by yilei
Contributors: yilei
nativescript-opentok2.0.1  2017-05-22MIT7,6535
Integrates OpenTok for NativeScript.
Contributors: osei fortune
sean perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-pager4.0.1  2017-05-16MIT1,9757
[![npm](]( [![npm](]( fortune (TriniWiz)
nativescript-pdf-view2.0.0  2017-05-21MIT1,1989
A NativeScript plugin to display PDF files on iOS and Android
Contributors: merott
merott movahedi (Merott)
nativescript-plugin-google-signin-button1.0.2  2017-05-14MIT990
A NativeScript plugin to create native Google sign-in button.anton adamansky (Softmotions)
nativescript-pspdfkit2.0.0  2017-05-18MIT1937
Nativescript implementation of PSPDFKit.sean perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-stage-facebook-login1.0.1  2017-05-23500
Nativescript Facebook Login plugin
Contributors: bnussey
nativescript-toolbox3.0.1  2017-05-13MIT18,62037
A NativeScript module that is a composition of useful classes, tools and helpers.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-uber1.5.2  2017-05-15MIT3,4880
Uber Rides plugin for Nativescriptyamilquery (yamilquery)
nativescript-uberx1.3.1  2017-05-13MIT330
Uber Rides plugin for Nativescriptyamilquery (yamilquery)
nativescript-videoplayer3.0.5  2017-05-13Apache-2.010,37141
A NativeScript plugin that uses the native video players to play local and remote videos.
Contributors: juan manuel campos olvera, alexziskind1, blake nussey, ivo georgiev, NathanaelA, bnussey
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-web-image-cache4.1.0  2017-05-15MIT2,52111
A wrapper over SDWebImageCache for iOS and Facebook Fresco for android for remote image caching on NativeScript
Contributors: batheja sumeet
nativescript-wechat-share-plugin0.0.1  2017-05-11MIT361
wechat share plugin on nativesction.richard (gdtdpt)
nativescript-zendesk-with-chat0.0.6  2017-05-11Apache-2.02374
A NativeScript module for integrating Zendesk, add chat
Contributors: quang le, qlehong, phattranky, antonio cueva urraco, phat tran
steve mcniven-scott (sitefinitysteve)
pyze-nativescript0.0.5  2017-05-18MIT2140
Pyze Analytics, Growth Intelligence Platform, Push Notification, In App Messages and morepyze (Pyze)
tns-ng-gif1.3.1  2017-05-15ISC1,4361
Display an animated gif in a NativeScript Image.bdauria