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Category Statistics
Data last updated: June 22, 2017
Addons found: 73
Newest addons: nativescript-telerik-ui
Total Android addons:68
Total iOS addons:71
Addons supporting all platforms:66
Total addons authors: 33
Most proficient author: telerik
(with 7 addons)
Most helpful author: Brad Martin
(with 7 assists)

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseDownloadsStars
@synerty/peek-ns-update  2017-06-21MIT00
Allows the Peek platform to deploy content to the Nativescript apps
Contributors: bford, jarrodchesney
synerty (Synerty)
angular2-seed-advanced1.0.3  2017-06-18MIT8071,793
High-quality, modular starter (advanced seed) project for Angular 2 apps with statically typed build and AoT + NativeScript + Electron
Contributors: victorsosa
Nathan Walker (NathanWalker)
kinvey-nativescript-sdk3.6.0-ns.3  2017-06-21Apache-2.0690
Kinvey JavaScript SDK for NativeScript applications.
Contributors: tejasranade, thomas conner, thomas.conner
molpay-mobile-xdk-nativescript3.13.0  2017-06-151,2190
Molpay XDK NativeScript
Contributors: molpay
Missing Author
nativescript3.0.3  2017-06-22Apache-2.0649,543534
Command-line interface for building NativeScript projectstelerik (NativeScript)
nativescript-adobe-marketing-cloud1.3.1  2017-06-16MIT1,7141
Nativescript Adobe marketing cloud integration plugin
Contributors: cdebruin, oscarlodriguez, jboeijenga, robert jan van der hulst, servehermans, spike1292, vipin-essent, essent-admin, dennis-montana, rachnerd
essent (Essent)
nativescript-algolia0.0.1  2017-06-09MIT316
Nativescript plugin for Algolia( searcharpit srivastava (arpit2438735)
nativescript-angular3.0.0  2017-06-22Apache-2.0217,927615
An Angular renderer that lets you build mobile apps with NativeScript.NativeScript
nativescript-audio3.4.3  2017-06-14MIT5,19345
NativeScript plugin to record and play audio.
Contributors: Nathan Walker, vakrilov, Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-barcodescanner2.5.5  2017-06-13MIT12,56073
Scan QR/barcodes with a {N} app.eddy verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-cardview2.0.2  2017-06-21Apache-2.013,31991
A NativeScript plugin for Material Design CardView component.
Contributors: NathanaelA, vladimir nani, eddy verbruggen, sis0k0, Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-checkbox2.1.7  2017-06-14MIT5,70027
NativeScript plugin for checkbox widget.
Contributors: steve mcniven-scott, Nathan Walker, eddy verbruggen, osei fortune
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-custom-entitlements0.2.0  2017-06-16MIT9704
Nativescript hook for supporting custom Xcode 8 entitlements
Contributors: essent-admin, rachnerd, dennis-montana, vipin-essent, oscarlodriguez, jboeijenga, spike1292, servehermans, cdebruin
nativescript-dev-appium0.4.0  2017-06-12MIT5,3690
A NativeScript plugin to help integrate and run Appium tests
Contributors: vakrilov
Missing Author
nativescript-dev-sass1.1.1  2017-06-19Apache-2.012,15323
SASS CSS pre-processor for NativeScript projects.toddanglin (ToddAnglin)
nativescript-dev-typescript0.4.5  2017-06-22Apache-2.098,6327
TypeScript support for NativeScript projects. Install using `tns install typescript`.NativeScript
nativescript-dev-webpack0.6.3  2017-06-21Apache-2.029,27027
A package to help with webpacking NativeScript apps.NativeScript
nativescript-disable-bitcode1.0.0  2017-06-16MIT3691
A NativeScript plugin to disable CocoaPods Bitcode
Contributors: vipin-essent, essent-admin, dennis-montana, rachnerd, cdebruin, oscarlodriguez, jboeijenga, servehermans, spike1292
nativescript-fabric1.0.0  2017-06-19MIT21,04913
A NativeScript Plugin for fabric.iomartin reinhardt (hypery2k)
nativescript-facebook2.0.0  2017-06-19Apache 2.029712
NativeScript plugin, wrapper of native Facebook SDK for Adroid and iOS.telerik (NativeScript)
nativescript-feedback1.0.5  2017-06-22MIT73227
Non-blocking textual feedback for your NativeScript app. AKA superfancy Toasts!eddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-google-maps-sdk2.1.3  2017-06-21MIT14,553100
Google Maps SDK plugin for Nativescriptdan prietti (dapriett)
nativescript-google-maps-utils0.1.3  2017-06-14Unlicense64117
NativeScript Google Maps SDK utility library to support features such as marker clustering, heatmap, ...nader toukabri (naderio)
nativescript-google-tagmanager  2017-06-15Apache-2.0141
Google tag manager integration for nativescriptcenkingunlugu
nativescript-gradient1.0.0  2017-06-21MIT4790
NativeScript plugin for gradient layouts.
Contributors: Brad Martin, Brad Martin
eddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-image-cache1.0.5  2017-06-16MIT4051
Nativescript image caching plugin using Fresco for Android and SDWebImageCache for iOS
Contributors: bnussey
yezarela (yezarela)
nativescript-image-cache-it2.0.3  2017-06-14MIT4,46712
Image caching plugin for nativescriptosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-image-swipe1.0.0  2017-06-18Apache-2.0789
A widget to easily swipe and zoom through imagespeter staev (PeterStaev)
nativescript-imagecropper0.0.7  2017-06-14MIT1,6017
A image cropper based on TOCropViewController for iOS and uCrop for Androidbthurlow
nativescript-in-app-notifications  2017-06-16MIT212
In app notifications plugin for NativeScript.
Contributors: jboeijenga, servehermans, spike1292, cdebruin, rachnerd, dennis-montana, essent-admin, vipin-essent
nativescript-iqkeyboardmanager1.1.0  2017-06-13MIT17,11227
NativeScript wrapper of the popular IQKeyboardManager iOS library
Contributors: eddy verbruggen
tj vantoll (tjvantoll)
nativescript-live-engage2.4.0  2017-06-16MIT2,0765
A NativeScript plugin to display a LivePerson LiveEngage chat on Android
Contributors: essent-admin, rachnerd, dennis-montana, vipin-essent, oscarlodriguez, servehermans, spike1292, jboeijenga, cdebruin
nativescript-locate-address1.0.1  2017-06-17MIT660
Opening Native Mapping App from your Mobile {N} App to locate address.issam guissouma (iguissouma)
nativescript-ngx-slides0.1.3  2017-06-20MIT35715
NativeScript + Angular version of the slidesjosh sommer (TheOriginalJosh)
nativescript-onesignal1.0.7  2017-06-09MIT99518
A Nativescript plugin for OneSignal's Push Notifications SDKroblav96 (roblav96)
nativescript-opentok2.0.1  2017-06-08MIT7,9417
Integrates OpenTok for NativeScript.
Contributors: osei fortune
sean perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-pager4.0.1  2017-06-22MIT2,0598
[![npm](]( [![npm](]( fortune (TriniWiz)
nativescript-peek-update  2017-06-21MIT00
Allows the Peek platform to deploy content to the Nativescript apps
Contributors: jarrodchesney
synerty (Synerty)
nativescript-plugin-firebase3.12.0  2017-06-20MIT23,402241
Fire. Base. Firebase!eddy verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-pspdfkit2.1.0  2017-06-19MIT2627
Nativescript implementation of PSPDFKit.
Contributors: osei fortune
sean perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-pulltorefresh2.0.1  2017-06-14Apache-2.07,59546
A NativeScript plugin to provide the Pull to Refresh control on any view.
Contributors: andrew halls, peter staev, NathanaelA, pstaev
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-raven0.1.1  2017-06-16MIT872
NativeScript Raven plugin.daniel leal (danielgek)
nativescript-slides2.2.9  2017-06-12MIT11,09340
NativeScript Slides plugin.
Contributors: Brad Martin, obsessive inc/abhijith reddy, Brad Martin, steve mcniven-scott, victor nascimento
josh sommer (TheOriginalJosh)
nativescript-slideshow-busy-indicator3.0.0  2017-06-07Apache-2.04313
A busy indicator plug-in for Nativescript.tbozhikov (tbozhikov)
nativescript-sms-inbox1.0.6  2017-06-21MIT6065
Read text messages in the android phone inbox using undocumented android api.
Contributors: jgithaiga
julius githaiga (jgithaiga)
nativescript-socket.io0.6.0  2017-06-14Unlicense2,82319 implementation in NativeScriptnader toukabri (naderio)
nativescript-socketio2.4.0  2017-06-11MIT6,14724
Socket.IO for nativescript
Contributors: roblav96, db3dev
osei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-sqlite1.1.7  2017-06-19MIT11,00875
A sqlite NativeScript module for Android and iOSNathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-stage-facebook-login1.0.5  2017-06-131880
Nativescript Facebook Login plugin
Contributors: bnussey
nativescript-star-printer1.0.2  2017-06-16MIT18810
Print directly to Star printers from your NativeScript app.eddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-svg1.1.4  2017-06-18MIT3,79123
NativeScript SVG plugin
Contributors: Brad Martin
victorsosa (peoplewareDo)
nativescript-swiss-army-knife3.0.0  2017-06-15MIT5,87133
Nativescript Swiss Army Knife
Contributors: Brad Martin, Brad Martin, Nathan Walker
josh sommer (TheOriginalJosh)
nativescript-taptic-engine2.0.3  2017-06-07MIT3956
Taptic Engine, the subtle iPhone vibration engine. Available since iPhone 6s (Plus).eddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-telerik-ui2.0.1   Commercial
Progress NativeScript UI is a set of rich-ui, cross-platform components based on the native iOS and Android libraries provided by Telerik.telerik
nativescript-themes1.1.0  2017-06-15MIT1,6319
A NativeScript plugin to deal with Themes in the Declarative UI NathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-twitter2.0.0  2017-06-09MIT730
NativeScript Twitter Kit for Android & IOSosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-unimag-swiper  2017-06-15MIT190
Nativescript plugin for UniMag Pro card readerpiotr ilski (piotrilski)
nativescript-urban-airship1.4.0  2017-06-16MIT9604
Urban Airship plugin for NativeScript.
Contributors: jboeijenga, spike1292, servehermans, cdebruin, rachnerd, dennis-montana, vipin-essent
essent (Essent)
nativescript-urlhandler1.1.0  2017-06-19MIT12,4742
Register custom URLs for your NativeScript app
Contributors: martin reinhardt
nativescript-version-number1.1.0  2017-06-09MIT610
A dead-simple plugin for retrieving the version number of your NativeScript vantoll (tjvantoll)
nativescript-videoplayer3.0.8  2017-06-12Apache-2.011,24042
A NativeScript plugin that uses the native video players to play local and remote videos.
Contributors: juan manuel campos olvera, alexziskind1, blake nussey, ivo georgiev, NathanaelA, bnussey
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-videorecorder2.0.0  2017-06-13MIT2,37915
NativeScript videorecording plugin
Contributors: victorsosa
osei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-web-image-cache4.1.0  2017-06-17MIT2,67812
A wrapper over SDWebImageCache for iOS and Facebook Fresco for android for remote image caching on NativeScript
Contributors: batheja sumeet
nativescript-zendesk-sdk0.0.3  2017-06-14MIT651
Zendesk SDK for NativeScript
Contributors: dicksmith
dick smith (DickSmith)
nativescript-zip1.3.2  2017-06-13MIT7447
## Installation `tns plugin add nativescript-zip`
Contributors: ddaf
osei fortune (triniwiz)
tns-android3.0.1  2017-06-22625,3870
NativeScript Runtime for Android
Contributors: hdeshev, panayot.cankov
Missing Author
tns-core-modules3.0.1  2017-06-22Apache-2.01,066,72710,489
Telerik NativeScript Core ModulesNativeScript
tns-core-modules-widgets3.0.1  2017-06-22Apache-2.0189,4374
Native widgets used in the NativeScript framework.NativeScript
tns-ios3.0.1  2017-06-22Apache-2.0114,064139
Telerik NativeScript Runtime for iOStelerik (NativeScript)
tns-template-hello-world3.0.0  2017-06-22Apache-2.084,99216
Nativescript hello-world project templatetelerik (NativeScript)
tns-template-hello-world-ng3.0.0  2017-06-22Apache-2.034,49024
NativeScript Angular Hello World templatetelerik (NativeScript)
tns-template-hello-world-ts3.0.1  2017-06-22Apache-2.011,73112
Nativescript hello-world-ts project templatetelerik (NativeScript)
zap-ninja  2017-06-15our-license-filename>...240
NativeScript Application
Contributors: matanc
Missing Author