Books & Training materials

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BookGetting started with NativeScriptNathanael J. Anderson
This book concisely shows you NativeScript’s built-in framework that allows you to rapidly develop a fully-working compiled cross-platform application in just a few chapters. It starts by laying the foundation of NativeScript and working through the fundamentals to create a basic shell of the application. Moving on, you’ll see how to build a full-fledged application step by step. We’ll show you how to use plugins, and how to communicate with the native OS libraries easily so that you can customize your application as if your app was created in Java or Objective C. We then deal with the issues that arise from being cross platform and compensate for the different screen sizes, screen resolutions, and device abilities. Finally, we progress to testing and deploying your app.
BookNativeScript for Angular Mobile DevelopmentNathanael J. Anderson & Nathan Walker
This book concisely shows you how to use NativeScript and Angular to create a world class application; by the time you are done reading the book you will have everything from best practices to how to launch it on the App stores.
BookThe NativeScript BookMike & Nick Branstein
This free ebook shows you have to use the power of NativeScript to build your app from start to finish.
VideoNativeScript 101: A Quickstart to Building Mobile AppsNic Raboy
This beginner level course will teach you how to easily develop hybrid mobile applications for Android and iOS using NativeScript by Telerik. We’ll look at what is necessary to configure NativeScript on your Windows, Linux or Macintosh computer and develop visually pleasing applications with minimal amounts of code and design skills necessary.
VideoBuilding Cross Platform Native Mobile Applications with NativeScriptAlex Ziskind
Want to learn how to build native apps easily with free tools? This course introduces web developers to NativeScript, an open source framework for building native iOS and Android apps. First, you'll see the initial installation of NativeScript and configuring the modern open source Node.js-based ecosystem. The app that you will be building is a native mobile app developed for a fictitious company, RPS, to help its conference attendees view the conference schedule and create their own agendas. You will be guided through the app development process by seeing reasons behind each choice made to implement a feature, as if the author was an employee of RPS that was tasked with building the conference app. In each module, you'll be introduced to a new concept by implementing an app feature. By the end of this course, you'll be better prepared to tackle a full implementation of a real native app using freely available tooling.
VideoThe most comprehensive NativeScript training video coursesMultiple
The most comprehensive NativeScript video training