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Category Statistics
Data last updated: June 22, 2017
Addons found: 26
Newest addons: ns-ngrx-debugger
Total Android addons:26
Total iOS addons:24
Addons supporting all platforms:24
Total addons authors: 17
Most proficient author: Nathan Walker
(with 5 addons)
Most helpful author: NathanaelA
(with 5 assists)

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseDownloadsStars
@wwwalkerrun/nativescript-ngx-magic  2017-01-19MIT16330
Magically integrate your Angular web app with NativeScript.
Contributors: NathanaelA
Nathan Walker (wwwalkerrun)
@xmlking/nativescript-ngx-microsoftband  2017-06-02MIT450
Microsoft Band Plugin for NativeScript with Angular.
Contributors: xmlking
sumanth chinthagunta (xmlking)
groceries-angular-service0.1.0  2017-05-09ISC420
Angular Service to be used with the sample groceries projectsebawita
nativescript-angular3.0.0  2017-06-22Apache-2.0217,927615
An Angular renderer that lets you build mobile apps with NativeScript.NativeScript
nativescript-angular-snapshot1.5.2-5.5.372.32  2017-03-30Apache-2.05,450610
nativescript-angular-webview-crypto0.0.6  2016-12-30MIT6371
window.crypto for Angular2 in NativeScript via a WebView saulshanabrook
nativescript-bottombar2.1.4  2017-05-241,73710
NativeScript plugin for AHBottomNavigation.rhanbit (rhanbIT)
nativescript-fancy-calendar3.0.0  2017-06-035278
Fancy calendar for NativeScript :smile: :beers:rhanbit (rhanbIT)
nativescript-hosted-device1.0.0  2016-05-31MIT22240
A NativeScript Device Plugin for Hosted Applications.ken williamson (Ulbora)
nativescript-hosted-toast1.0.0  2016-05-31MIT2130
A NativeScript Toast Plugin for Hosted Applications.ken williamson (Ulbora)
nativescript-intl3.0.0  2017-04-1980,5880
Provides API for using Native date, time and number formatting with an API similar to Intl.js
Contributors: hdeshev
nsndeck (Missing Author)
nativescript-maskedinput-ng21.3.1  2017-05-08ISC1,2150
A nativescript mask input for Angular 2yamilquery
nativescript-master-detail-angular21.0.2  2016-11-27Apache-2.02673
NativeScript Master Detail Angular2 templateavatsaev
nativescript-ng2-cli-magic1.0.0  2017-01-16MIT3,4512
Magically integrate in Angular2 web app with NativeScript.
Contributors: Nathan Walker, NathanaelA
rhanbit (rhanbIT)
nativescript-ng2-fonticon1.3.4  2017-01-03MIT5,38832
Use custom font icon collections seamlessly with NativeScript + Angular2.
Contributors: NathanaelA
Nathan Walker (NathanWalker)
nativescript-ng2-magic1.9.0  2016-11-16MIT17,06161
Magically integrate your Angular2 web app with NativeScript.
Contributors: NathanaelA
Nathan Walker (NathanWalker)
nativescript-ng2-meteor1.0.3  2017-02-01MIT5412
Nativescript module enabling the use of the Meteor infrastructureivan greguric ortolan (ntrp)
nativescript-ng2-parallax0.1.9  2017-03-20MIT1,17116
Parallax NativeScript + Angular plugin.josh sommer (TheOriginalJosh)
nativescript-ng2-plugin-seed1.0.0  2016-06-26MIT3100
Your awesome NativeScript + Angular plugin.
Contributors: victorsosa
Nathan Walker (YourName)
nativescript-ng2-vlc-player1.0.2  2016-08-21MIT1,0942
nativescript ng2 vlc player pluginkazemihabib (kazemihabib)
nativescript-ngx-fonticon2.2.1  2017-03-09MIT5,54832
Use custom font icon collections seamlessly with NativeScript for Angular.
Contributors: martin reinhardt, NathanaelA
Nathan Walker (NathanWalker)
nativescript-number-progressbar1.0.0  2017-04-18MIT626
Nativescript Android Progress Bar plugin.dlucidone (dlucidone)
nativescript-tests-hook0.0.1  2016-12-24MIT831
Nativescript plugin that lets you handling your Nativescript tests like the angular style guidejuandelgadillo (JuanDelgadillo)
ns-ngrx-debugger  2017-06-22MIT00
A minimal nativescript debugger for ngrx-store & ngrx-effectsjeremiah ogbomo (jogboms)
tns-ng1.1.0  2017-06-03MIT7650
Angular CLI for Nativescript. Generates component for Nativescript Angular projectsyezarela (yezarela)
tns-ng-gif1.3.1  2017-05-15ISC1,4981
Display an animated gif in a NativeScript Image.bdauria