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Category Statistics
Data last updated: July 23, 2018
Addons found: 10
Newest addons: @localization/l10n
Total Android addons:10
Total iOS addons:10
Addons supporting all platforms:10
Total addons authors: 9
Most helpful author: ipintar, berardo, xmlking
(with 1 assists)

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseDownloadsStars
@angular-dynaform/nativescript1.0.3-alpha.0  2018-07-19MIT1085
angular-dynaform - NativeScriptguenter sandner (gms1)
@localization/l10n2.1.7  2018-07-21MIT4603
> Pure Angular localization (l10n) library.
Contributors: ipintar
@melonwd/nativescript-angular6.0.0  2018-06-13Apache-2.038833
An Angular renderer that lets you build mobile apps with NativeScript.NativeScript
@xmlking/nativescript-ngx-microsoftband  2017-06-02MIT680
Microsoft Band Plugin for NativeScript with Angular.
Contributors: xmlking
sumanth chinthagunta (xmlking)
nativescript-ng-ripple1.0.8  2018-07-11Apache-2.02722
Angular directive to enable ripple effects on touch.eduardo speroni (edusperoni)
nativescript-ng-shadow2.1.0  2017-12-31Apache-2.058521
Angular directive to apply shadows to native elements according to the elevation level guidelines of material design specification
Contributors: berardo
jose berardo cunha (Especializa)
nativescript-ng2-parallax0.1.9  2017-03-20MIT1,19016
Parallax NativeScript + Angular plugin.josh sommer (TheOriginalJosh)
nativescript-ngrx-remote-devtool1.0.0  2018-03-23MIT00
Add ngrx remote devtooljolafrite
nativescript-pager8.0.2  2018-05-16Apache-2.010,81528
A Carousel/Pager plugin for NativeScriptosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-plugin-google-places1.4.1  2017-09-27MIT3860
Choose a place using Google Place Pickertyler grinn (tylergrinn)