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Category Statistics
Data last updated: June 22, 2017
Addons found: 193
Newest addons: kinvey-nativescript-sdk
Total Android addons:179
Total iOS addons:170
Addons supporting all platforms:156
Total addons authors: 95
Most proficient author: eddy verbruggen
(with 20 addons)
Most helpful author: Brad Martin
(with 10 assists)

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseDownloadsStars
@4you-free/ns-appversion  2017-05-29MIT570
Return the app version
Contributors: pid
pascal brewing (DrMabuse23)
@speigg/nativescript-urlhandler  2017-04-12MIT1642
Register custom URLs for your NativeScript app
Contributors: speigg
ably-nativescript1.0.1  2017-03-15Apache-2.01651
Ably for NativeScript
Contributors: ably
NathanaelA (ably)
acs-bluetooth1.0.0  2017-03-13MIT630
Bluetooth module for connecting to ACS scanner with NativeScriptluciditysoftware
device-checks1.0.5  2016-02-16ISC1,2010
Nativescript device checks plugin
Contributors: sureshballa
Missing Author
kinvey-nativescript-sdk3.6.0-ns.3  2017-06-21Apache-2.0690
Kinvey JavaScript SDK for NativeScript applications.
Contributors: tejasranade, thomas conner, thomas.conner
molpay-mobile-xdk-nativescript3.13.0  2017-03-291,2190
Molpay XDK NativeScript
Contributors: molpay
Missing Author
native-script-accelerometer0.3.0  2016-02-01MIT1,0115
NativeScript accelerometer plugin.vakrilov
nativescript-ably0.2.0  2017-01-14MIT2140
A wrapper for realtime comunication system
Contributors: giovannicandido
giovanni (atende)
nativescript-accelerometer2.0.1  2017-06-01MIT1,1355
NativeScript accelerometer plugin.
Contributors: shawn pavel
vakrilov (vakrilov)
nativescript-actioncable0.0.2  2016-10-29ISC3320
A nativescript plugin to use actioncable with iso and androidsacketty
nativescript-admob1.3.2  2017-03-20MIT2,14525
Make money with your app by using Google's AdMob ads.eddy verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-adobe-marketing-cloud1.3.1  2017-01-12MIT1,7141
Nativescript Adobe marketing cloud integration plugin
Contributors: cdebruin, oscarlodriguez, jboeijenga, robert jan van der hulst, servehermans, spike1292, vipin-essent, essent-admin, dennis-montana, rachnerd
essent (Essent)
nativescript-afnetworking1.0.3  2016-09-07MIT2240
A NativeScript plugin that wraps AFNetworking for iOS
Contributors: roblav96
rob laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-algolia0.0.1  2017-06-09MIT316
Nativescript plugin for Algolia( searcharpit srivastava (arpit2438735)
nativescript-android-jpush1.0.0  2017-05-26ISC405
a plugin for jiguang push built by yilei
Contributors: yilei
nativescript-apiclient3.0.0  2017-05-13MIT11,91512
NativeScript module for simply calling HTTP based APIs.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-app-encryption0.3.1  2016-12-08Telerik23530
__ATTENTION: This repository is deprecated. Use [Webpack with uglify]( as an encryption alternative.__NativeScript
nativescript-appavailability1.3.1  2017-02-14MIT1,4779
A NativeScript plugin to check for availability of other apps on the device.eddy verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-applist2.0.1  2016-07-26MIT5480
NativeScript module to handle the list of installed apps on a device.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-appversion1.4.1  2017-02-01MIT5,02114
Read the version of your NativeScript appeddy verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-async1.0.2  2017-04-08Apache 21600
A NativeScript plugin that make available async/await using helpersnabil mansouri (nabil-mansouri)
nativescript-audio3.4.3  2017-06-14MIT5,19345
NativeScript plugin to record and play audio.
Contributors: Nathan Walker, vakrilov, Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-auth01.2.6  2017-03-04MIT3,17623
Auth0 social loginsteve mcniven-scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-aws1.0.0  2016-12-17MIT13110
NativeScript wrapper for the AWS JavaScript SDK. Fixes a few incompatibilites.eddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-azure-mobile-apps1.1.1  2017-02-09Apache-2.02,02013
A NativeScript plugin for working with Azure Mobile Appspeter staev (PeterStaev)
nativescript-azure-storage1.2.0  2017-05-13MIT2702
Azure Storage for NativeScriptdouglas zanco franco (dzfweb)
nativescript-background-fetch1.0.4  2016-11-22MIT7545
iOS Background Fetch API Implementation for NativeScriptchris scott, transistor software (transistorsoft)
nativescript-background-geolocation0.0.1  2016-06-08MIT21632
Sophisticated, battery-conscious, cross-platform background-geolocation with motion-detection and geofencingchris scott, transistor software (transistorsoft)
nativescript-background-geolocation-lt1.6.0  2017-03-01MIT2,54732
Sophisticated, battery-conscious, cross-platform background-geolocation with motion-detection and geofencingchris scott, transistor software (transistorsoft)
nativescript-background-gps0.0.2  2016-12-16MIT2041
Track GPS location updates in the background.nickcoury (nickcoury)
nativescript-background-http3.0.0  2017-05-04Apache-2.06,38421
A cross platform plugin for [the NativeScript framework](, that provides background upload for iOS and Android.NativeScript
nativescript-badge-button0.1.1  2016-08-23MIT2843
NativeScript plugin for badges inside of buttons.sean perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-barcodescanner2.5.5  2017-03-25MIT12,56073
Scan QR/barcodes with a {N} app.eddy verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-batch2.10.3  2016-07-23MIT4,7473
NativeScript module for implementing batch operations.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-bcryptjs1.0.1  2017-04-20c License 3...2161
A NativeScript of bcrypt.js pluginnabil mansouri (nabil-mansouri)
nativescript-behavior0.1.0  2016-06-28MIT1,4470
Behavioral components for NativeScript Viewsandrey f. mindubaev (covex-nn)
nativescript-bluetooth1.1.6  2017-03-29MIT2,18746
Connect to and interact with Bluetooth LE peripheralseddy verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-bootreceiver1.0.0  2016-05-22MIT2191
Starts the main activity of a NativeScript application on BOOT_RECEIVED
Contributors: lociii
jens nistler (dashorando)
nativescript-cache1.0.0  2016-01-18MIT5944
A persistent caching plugin for NativeScript
Contributors: maknz
nativescript-calendar1.2.2  2017-02-11MIT3,29519
Interact with the native calendar. Add, Update, Read, you name it.eddy verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-CallLog1.0.6  2016-08-308094
Provides call log history for NativeScript mobile applications.kozakvoj
nativescript-clipboard1.1.6  2017-02-27MIT2,37315
A clipboard plugin for use in NativeScript apps. You can copy and paste text from and to the clipboard.eddy verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-compression1.0.0   Commercial
Decompress zip files.NathanaelA (NathanaelA)
nativescript-contacts1.5.3  2016-03-11MIT4,43411
A NativeScript module providing easy access to iOS and android contact directory. Pick a contact, update date, or add a new one!
Contributors: steve mcniven-scott
ryan lebel (firescript)
nativescript-contacts-lite0.2.3  2017-05-26MIT9716
NativeScript plugin providing pretty fast read-only access to the iOS and Android contact directoryjonathan salomon (abhayastudios)
nativescript-content-providers1.0.0  2016-09-30MIT1700
Better Android content providers.roblav96 (roblav96)
nativescript-coremotion0.1.7  2016-09-26MIT6221
iOS Core Motion plugin for NativeScriptstephenfeather
nativescript-couchbase1.0.18  2017-05-04Apache-2.06,03354
Couchbase Lite plugin for Telerik NativeScriptcouchbaselabs
nativescript-couchbaselite1.0.11  2017-03-30c License 3...9410
A NativeScript plugin that brings you all Couchbase Mobile features (attachments, ttl, map, reduce, group, encryption, conflicts, livequery, replication....). It targets iOS and Android.nabil mansouri (nabil-mansouri)
nativescript-ddp-login1.2.0  2016-07-14MIT7395
NativeScript plugin to enable ddp loginosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-device-contacts1.0.0-alpha.2.1  2016-02-10MIT7960
A NativeScript plugin for reading device contacts
Contributors: pavel-blagodov
Missing Author
nativescript-downloadmanager0.1.0  2016-12-20MIT1044
A small library to interact with android DownloadManager.pol cámara (PolCPP)
nativescript-email1.4.0  2017-01-18MIT4,13319
Email plugin for your NativeScript app
Contributors: Brad Martin
eddy verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-enumerable3.5.2  2016-09-09MIT7,2666
A NativeScript module providing LINQ style extensions for handling arrays and lists.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-estimote-plugin0.0.6  2017-04-18MIT1440
Estimote SDK plugin for Nativescript
Contributors: joma
nativescript-estimote-sdk1.0.3  2016-05-14MIT7278
Estimote SDK plugin for Nativescript
Contributors: mehfuzh, pelegri
nativescript-ezaudio1.1.7  2016-12-15MIT1,9095
NativeScript plugin for the iOS audio visualization framework built upon Core Audio useful for anyone doing real-time, low-latency audio processing and visualizations.Nathan Walker (NathanWalker)
nativescript-fabric1.0.0  2017-06-19MIT21,04913
A NativeScript Plugin for fabric.iomartin reinhardt (hypery2k)
nativescript-facebook2.0.0  2017-06-19Apache 2.029712
NativeScript plugin, wrapper of native Facebook SDK for Adroid and iOS.telerik (NativeScript)
nativescript-facebook-oauth0.0.1  2016-06-17MIT2640
Facebook SDKを使用して、iOS、Android共にOAuth認証を実現するNativeScriptプラグインです。
Contributors: okmttdhr
Missing Author
nativescript-fcuuid1.0.2  2016-09-12MIT2241
A NativeScript plugin that wraps FCUUID for iOSroblav96 (roblav96)
nativescript-filter-select1.0.7  2017-05-17MIT3344
Your awesome NativeScript plugin for select and filter items for a list.moayad al-najdawi (moayadnajd)
nativescript-firebase0.1.1  2016-12-05MIT1,2730
A {N} compatible wrapper for the Firebase node.js sdklyonzy
nativescript-flashlight1.2.0  2016-10-04MIT2,60933
A flashlight NativeScript module for Android and iOS
Contributors: Brad Martin
tj vantoll (tjvantoll)
nativescript-foaas1.0.5  2016-02-269407
Foaas wrapper for nativescript, both really good and really bad for demossteve mcniven-scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-fortumo-sms1.1.4  2016-05-14MIT1,4524
A NativeScript module providing access to Fortumo SMS Gateway.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-geofire-plugin1.0.6  2017-03-21MIT5145
GeoFire for Nativescript - Realtime location queries with Firebase for Android and iOSshripal soni (shripalsoni04)
nativescript-geolocation3.0.0  2017-06-0314,98815
Provides API for getting and monitoring location for NativeScript app.nedyalko nikolov (NativeScript)
nativescript-globalevents1.1.2  2016-12-07MIT3,8792
A NativeScript plugin to deal with Global page eventsNathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-google-analytics0.3.7  2017-05-08Apache-2.05,99311
Integrate native google analytics iOS and Android widgets into NativeScriptsteve mcniven-scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-google-maps-utils0.1.3  2016-11-08Unlicense64117
NativeScript Google Maps SDK utility library to support features such as marker clustering, heatmap, ...nader toukabri (naderio)
nativescript-google-sdk0.1.18  2016-10-04Apache-2.05,3760
Contains instructions for adding the Google SDKs to a NativeScript project.
Contributors: valio.stoychev
nativescript-google-signin0.1.0  2016-08-11MIT2874
A NativeScript module providing google signin for Androidcarlos mario villadiego (carvarr)
nativescript-google-tagmanager  2017-06-15Apache-2.0141
Google tag manager integration for nativescriptcenkingunlugu
nativescript-hockey-sdk1.2.0  2017-05-25MIT5162
Use the HockeyApp SDK in NativeScript projects
Contributors: arnau vp
toddanglin (toddanglin)
nativescript-homekit1.0.0  2017-01-07MIT6613
HomeKit plugin for your NativeScript appeddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-https1.0.1  2016-12-28MIT28122
Secure HTTP client with SSL pinning for Nativescript - iOS/Android.roblav96 (gethuman)
nativescript-i18n0.2.1  2017-05-09MIT3,62140
An i18n nativescript plugin using native standardsrborn
nativescript-ibeacon0.7.3  2017-05-17MIT2392
iBeacon scanning support for Nativescriptdemetrio filocamo (demetrio812)
nativescript-image-cache-media1.0.6  2017-03-27MIT6790
A plugin for caching web images on Android and iOS
Contributors: nnieto
alejandro nieto (NNieto)
nativescript-image-filters1.0.4  2016-12-07MIT9047
NativeScript plugin to easily apply filters to your pictures.Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-ios-uuid1.0.0  2016-12-14Apache-2.05703
A NativeScript plugin for iOS that allows you to get a UUID (Universal Unique Identifier) for a device.
Contributors: hamorphis
rossen hristov (hamorphis)
nativescript-jpush1.2.1  2017-05-15MIT14618
A Nativescript plugin for jpush SDKfeng (roblav96)
nativescript-keyboardshowing1.0.0  2016-10-06MIT2814
Find out if keyboard is showing and fires events when keyboard shows or hides.NathanaelA (NathanaelA)
nativescript-kontaktio1.0.0  2017-02-14ISC612
NativeScript Plugin for Kontakt io Beacons
Contributors: juneil
nativescript-lan-scan0.3.0  2017-05-25MIT2091
NativeScript wrapper for iOS MMLanScan CocoaPod [BETA]
Contributors: toddanglin
burke holland (BurkeHolland)
nativescript-language0.1.0  2015-12-11MIT2720
> A NativeScript Language Plugin for Android.tobias hennig (TobiasHennig)
nativescript-lazy1.0.4  2016-09-06MIT2140
A NativeScript module that provides an OOP version of the build-in lazy function.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-localize2.0.1  2017-05-11MIT1,5601
Native internationalization plugin for NativeScript using platforms standardslfabreges
nativescript-localstorage1.1.5  2017-06-04MIT1,78326
LocalStorage/SessionStorage API
Contributors: daniel kucal, sis0k0
NathanaelA (NathanaelA)
nativescript-locate-address1.0.1  2017-05-24MIT660
Opening Native Mapping App from your Mobile {N} App to locate address.issam guissouma (iguissouma)
nativescript-logEntries1.0.1  2016-10-18MIT3451
A NativeScript module providing LogEntries functionalites for Android and iOSantoniocuevaurraco (AntonioCuevaUrraco)
nativescript-loki1.0.1  2016-01-05MIT5594
Thin wrapper around Loki and Loki NativeScript adaptertobias hennig (TobiasHennig)
nativescript-mambo-ble0.0.2  2017-03-30MIT951
NativeScript plugin that allows to control a Parrot Mambo drone.sebastian witalec (sebawita)
nativescript-master-technology1.1.1  2017-02-06MIT1,86813
A Simple NativeScript Utility LibraryNathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-media-metadata-retriever1.0.77  2017-04-29MIT741
Plugin to retrieve the metadata of media files. Based on android's MediaMetadataRetriever classvedant mistry (VeRsu5)
nativescript-messenger1.2.0  2016-08-22MIT3,7275
A SMS Messenger NativeScript module for Android and iOS and Android
Contributors: osei fortune, steve mcniven-scott
ryan lebel (firescript)
nativescript-meteor-client0.0.6  2017-01-25MIT5134
Nativescript module enabling the use of the Meteorivan greguric ortolan (ntrp)
nativescript-midi0.0.5  2017-01-10MIT2571
A NativeScript plugin for communicating with MIDI devices (e.g. musical instruments or apps).
Contributors: binarynate
nativescript-mip-ble0.2.5  2017-03-28MIT4594
NativeScript plugin that allows to control a Mip robot.sebastian witalec (sebawita)
nativescript-mixpanel1.0.8  2017-03-24MIT1,4980
Mixpanel tracking
Contributors: blake nussey, bnussey
antoniocuevaurraco (AntonioCuevaUrraco)
nativescript-mobileiron-appconnect1.0.0  2017-02-17MIT600
NativeScript plugin for MobileIron AppConnect.alex rainman (alexrainman)
nativescript-mqtt0.0.1  2016-06-282345
A {N} MQTT WebSocket plugin for iOS and Androidkrislankford
nativescript-msf1.0.0  2017-05-25ISC553
a plugin for tmall goods built by yilei
Contributors: yilei
nativescript-na-keyboard1.1.0  2016-10-212781
A NativeScript keyboard observerfilip nordling (nordlingart)
nativescript-nfc1.1.0  2016-11-11MIT75513
NFC plugin for your NativeScript appeddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-ngkeyboardtracker0.0.2  2017-02-08MIT1000
Nativescript wrapper of the NgKeyboardTracker iOS librarylfabreges
nativescript-nodeify0.5.5  2017-03-06MIT1,28432
Attempts to make most npm modules 'just work' with NativeScripteddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-oauth2.0.1  2017-05-30MIT4,70621
OAuth 2 login for NativeScript.
Contributors: kevin primm
alexziskind1 (alexziskind1)
nativescript-ocr1.0.0  2017-03-10MIT50622
Optical Character Recognition - powered by Tesseracteddy verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-ogg-vorbis0.0.1  2017-04-13MIT990
Ogg Vorbis plugin for NativeScript.akmal sultonov (asultonov)
nativescript-okhttp0.0.8  2016-12-11MIT1,8221
[OkHttp]( is an HTTP client that supports:kiril stanoev (kiril-stanoev)
nativescript-onesignal1.0.7  2017-01-18MIT99518
A Nativescript plugin for OneSignal's Push Notifications SDKroblav96 (roblav96)
nativescript-open-app0.2.0  2017-03-15MIT1525
A NativeScript plugin for opening other applications on the device (with app store fallback).ludwik trammer (ludwiktrammer)
nativescript-opentok2.0.1  2017-06-08MIT7,9417
Integrates OpenTok for NativeScript.
Contributors: osei fortune
sean perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-paypal2.6.7  2016-05-13MIT6,9146
A NativeScript module providing access to PayPal SDK.
Contributors: eddy verbruggen
marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-pedometer2.0.2  2017-01-27MIT3394
NativeScript pedometer plugin. Step counting FTW!
Contributors: eddy verbruggen
Nathan Walker (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-permissions1.2.3  2017-02-02MIT8,99022
A NativeScript plugin to deal with Android permissionsNathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-phone1.3.0  2017-01-20MIT7,32132
NativeScript plugin to use the device phone and SMS features for Android and iOS
Contributors: Brad Martin, Brad Martin
mike sywensky (msywensky)
nativescript-physics-js1.0.5  2016-01-25MIT1,4526
NativeScript renderer for PhysicsJS library.vakrilov
nativescript-platform1.1.0  2017-02-03MIT3,6300
A NativeScript plugin to easily deal with getting the platform running onNathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-platform-css1.4.0  2016-12-29MIT2,2989
A NativeScript plugin to deal with Declarative UI and Platform CSSNathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-plugin-appcompat22.2.1  2015-08-25Apache-2.07363
A plugin which installs the [v7-appcompat Android Support library]( to your NativeScript project.NativeScript
nativescript-plugin-appsflyer1.0.7  2017-01-16MIT4000
Appsflyer SDK for NativeScript applications
Contributors: af-fess
nativescript-plugin-firebase3.12.0  2017-06-04MIT23,402241
Fire. Base. Firebase!eddy verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-plugin-google-play-services26.0.2  2015-08-25Apache-2.01,0854
A plugin which installs the [Google Play Services library]( to your NativeScript project.NativeScript
nativescript-powerinfo1.0.7  2016-04-16MIT1,26519
battery and power information NativeScript plugin.
Contributors: phil_adams
phil adams (philvbprogrammer)
NativeScript-Print-Epson1.2.0   Commercial
Print to your bluetooth Epson printerNathanaelA (NathanaelA)
NativeScript-Print-Zebra1.2.0   Commercial
Print to your bluetooth Zebra printerNathanaelA (NathanaelA)
nativescript-printer1.2.0  2016-12-09MIT21912
Send an image or the screen contents to a physical printereddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-pubnub2.0.3  2016-07-14MIT2,6736
A NativeScript plugin to use pubnubosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-purchase1.0.3  2017-02-18Apache-2.062630
A NativeScript plugin for making in-app purchasespeter staev (PeterStaev)
nativescript-randombytes1.0.0  2016-12-27MIT4801
NativeScript polyfill for Node randombyteseddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-raven0.1.1  2017-06-16MIT872
NativeScript Raven plugin.daniel leal (danielgek)
nativescript-raygun1.0.0  2016-01-18MIT2571
A NativeScript plugin for Raygun error reporting.
Contributors: maknz
nativescript-routed-values1.2.4  2016-07-23MIT6821
NativeScript module for implementing routed value graphs.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-safetynet-helper0.1.1  2017-03-15MIT450
A NativeScript plugin to use the SafetyNet APIchimon2000
nativescript-secure-storage2.1.0  2016-12-23MIT2,10424
Secure Storage NativeScript plugineddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-security1.0.0  2016-11-25MIT2995
Security NativeScript plugin.nma-spms (NMA-SPMS)
nativescript-signalr1.0.0  2016-12-11PATREON1864
A NativeScript plugin to connect and talk with a signalr serverNathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-simple-networking0.1.1  2017-03-28MIT1133
UDP and TCP sockets for NativeScriptjan mrázek (yaqwsx)
nativescript-sms-inbox1.0.6  2017-02-24MIT6065
Read text messages in the android phone inbox using undocumented android api.
Contributors: jgithaiga
julius githaiga (jgithaiga)
nativescript-socket.io0.6.0  2017-02-16Unlicense2,82319 implementation in NativeScriptnader toukabri (naderio)
nativescript-socketio2.4.0  2017-03-29MIT6,14724
Socket.IO for nativescript
Contributors: roblav96, db3dev
osei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-sonos0.4.0  2017-03-21MIT2190
Control Sonos systems from NativeScript appstoddanglin (toddanglin)
nativescript-sound1.0.4  2015-09-29MIT1,9256
Play a sound in your NativeScript appjohn bristowe (jbristowe)
nativescript-speech-recognition1.2.0  2017-02-28MIT50717
Speech to text plugin, leveraging iOS and Android's built-in recognition engines.
Contributors: Brad Martin
eddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-spotify1.6.1  2016-11-29MIT9,32918
Spotify for your NativeScript app.
Contributors: Brad Martin, NathanaelA
Nathan Walker (NathanWalker)
nativescript-sqlite1.1.7  2017-03-10MIT11,00875
A sqlite NativeScript module for Android and iOSNathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-sse2.0.0  2016-09-03MIT2558
A client for Server-Sent Eventsosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-stage-facebook-login1.0.5  2017-06-131880
Nativescript Facebook Login plugin
Contributors: bnussey
nativescript-star-printer1.0.2  2017-04-17MIT18810
Print directly to Star printers from your NativeScript app.eddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-stringformat2.3.4  2016-07-23MIT5,1531
NativeScript module for handling strings.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-stripe2.0.2  2017-06-03MIT3249
[![npm](]( [![npm](]( fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-swiss-army-knife3.0.0  2017-06-15MIT5,87133
Nativescript Swiss Army Knife
Contributors: Brad Martin, Brad Martin, Nathan Walker
josh sommer (TheOriginalJosh)
nativescript-taptic-engine2.0.3  2017-02-07MIT3956
Taptic Engine, the subtle iPhone vibration engine. Available since iPhone 6s (Plus).eddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-tasks1.0.8  2016-12-07MIT5836
NativeScript module for simply invoking and handling background tasks via web workers.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-telephony1.0.4  2017-02-26MIT62411
A Nativescript plugin to get the device's SIM data (carrier name, mcc mnc, country code, telephonenumber, etc)rob laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-tesseract-ios1.0.8  2016-09-10MIT8490
A NativeScript plugin that wraps tesseract for iOS
Contributors: roblav96
rob laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-texttospeech1.3.2  2017-01-17MIT2,31219
A text to speech NativeScript plugin for Android and iOS
Contributors: Brad Martin, Brad Martin
anarchic knight (bradmartin)
nativescript-toolbox3.0.1  2017-06-03MIT19,15437
A NativeScript module that is a composition of useful classes, tools and helpers.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-trace-raven1.0.0  2017-03-13MIT1039
Custom NativeScript TraceWriter using Raven to write logs to Sentry.iotoddanglin (toddanglin)
nativescript-tracing1.0.0  2016-06-29MIT1,0142
A Simple tracing NativeScript module for Android and iOSNathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-twitter2.0.0  2017-06-09MIT730
NativeScript Twitter Kit for Android & IOSosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-uber1.5.2  2017-05-15MIT3,6370
Uber Rides plugin for Nativescriptyamilquery (yamilquery)
nativescript-unimag-swiper  2017-06-15MIT190
Nativescript plugin for UniMag Pro card readerpiotr ilski (piotrilski)
nativescript-updater1.0.0   Commercial
Update your application outside of the app stores.NathanaelA (NathanaelA)
nativescript-urban-airship1.4.0  2017-03-10MIT9604
Urban Airship plugin for NativeScript.
Contributors: jboeijenga, spike1292, servehermans, cdebruin, rachnerd, dennis-montana, vipin-essent
essent (Essent)
nativescript-urlhandler1.1.0  2017-03-27MIT12,4742
Register custom URLs for your NativeScript app
Contributors: martin reinhardt
nativescript-version-number1.1.0  2017-06-09MIT610
A dead-simple plugin for retrieving the version number of your NativeScript vantoll (tjvantoll)
nativescript-vibrate1.1.2  2016-10-16MIT3,3698
A vibrate NativeScript plugin for Android and iOS
Contributors: bazzite
anarchic knight (anarchicknight)
nativescript-virtual-ibeacon0.8.3  2017-05-07MIT1723
Nativescript plugin to simulate an iBeacon on iOS and Androiddemetrio filocamo (demetrio812)
nativescript-vkontakte0.1.6  2017-04-26MIT4140
A VKontakte NativeScript module for Android and iOSrufrozen
nativescript-web-image-cache4.1.0  2017-06-17MIT2,67812
A wrapper over SDWebImageCache for iOS and Facebook Fresco for android for remote image caching on NativeScript
Contributors: batheja sumeet
nativescript-websockets1.3.3  2017-03-29MIT & Apache 2.04,07138
A WebSocket NativeScript module for Android
Contributors: choi won, aleksey gureiev
NathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-webview-crypto0.1.5  2016-12-30MIT7661
window.crypto for NativeScript via a WebView saulshanabrook
nativescript-webview-interface1.4.1  2017-02-18MIT4,34026
Nativescript plugin for bi-directional communication between webView and android/ios.shripal soni (shripalsoni04)
nativescript-webworkers1.0.4  2016-06-29MIT1,14422
A WebWorker (thread) NativeScript module for Android and iOSNathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-wikitudearchitectview0.4.6  2016-12-23MIT1,4540
A NativeScript plugin wikitude architect view.
Contributors: jinhong
nativescript-xmlobjects1.1.4  2016-07-30MIT1,2191
A NativeScript module that provides handling XML data as objects similar to LINQ to XML.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-xmpp-client1.2.0  2016-11-14MIT2152
XMPP websocket client plugin for Nativescript.samuel agbonkpolo (samuelagm)
nativescript-zendesk-sdk0.0.3  2017-06-14MIT651
Zendesk SDK for NativeScript
Contributors: dicksmith
dick smith (DickSmith)
nativescript-zip1.3.2  2017-02-28MIT7447
## Installation `tns plugin add nativescript-zip`
Contributors: ddaf
osei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-zxing1.5.2  2017-02-10APACHE8415
A Simple ZXing barcode reader/writerNathanaelA (nathanaela)
observable-sectioned-array0.1.2  2016-01-26ISC6827
A observable array which has sections of itemsrajiv narayana (rajivnarayana)
pusher-nativescript0.0.1  2016-12-24MIT791
Pusher plugin for NativeScript with support to iOS and Android platforms
Contributors: juandelgadillo
juan delgadillo (slidebean)
pyze-nativescript0.0.5  2017-05-18MIT2320
Pyze Analytics, Growth Intelligence Platform, Push Notification, In App Messages and morepyze (Pyze)
tns-ajax0.0.5  2017-01-25ISC2640
a simple ajax post method for nativescriptburawi
tns-conchecker0.0.1  2016-12-13ISC740
connectivity checker helpers for nativescriptburawi
tns-i18n0.0.7  2017-01-22ISC4092
Nativescript internationalization moduleburawi
tns-mobileauth0.0.5  2017-02-15ISC2650
nativescript auth manager to use with mobile auth of nidamburawi
tns-urihandler1.0.1  2017-05-09MIT1032
Nativescript Module for inner-app communication URI handling.ZixiaoWang