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Category Statistics
Data last updated: July 23, 2018
Addons found: 188
Newest addons: nativescript-carousel
Total Android addons:169
Total iOS addons:158
Addons supporting all platforms:139
Total addons authors: 87
Most proficient author: Brad Martin
(with 26 addons)
Most helpful author: Brad Martin
(with 16 assists)

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseDownloadsStars
@dwaring87/nativescript-modal-datetimepicker1.1.1  2018-03-23Apache-2.0011
A nice looking modal date time picker.
Contributors: jeremiah ogbomo, dwaring87, multishiv19
dave coffin (davecoffin)
@nota/nativescript-accessibility-ext3.4.0  2018-05-31BSD-3-Clause5,9376
Nativescript plugin for enabling accessiblity features
Contributors: saebekassebil, 838, programmgunnar, morten sjøgren, ddaf, nota-admin
nota (Notalib)
@nota/nativescript-webview-ext0.4.3  2018-06-07Apache-2.05664
Extended WebView for NativeScript which adds 'x-local' scheme for local-files. events between WebView and native-layer, javascript execution, injecting CSS and JS-files.
Contributors: programmgunnar, daniel dam freiling, saebekassebil, 838, ddaf, nota-admin, morten anton bach sjøgren, morten sjøgren
nota (Notalib)
nativescript-accordion5.0.4  2018-04-30MIT4,18918
A layout which supports expanding and collapsing child viewsosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-add-contact-activity1.0.0  2016-08-211361
Simple NativeScript plugin that opens add contact activity for selected number.kozakvoj
nativescript-advanced-webview3.0.1  2018-07-10MIT2,67632
An advanced webview using Chrome CustomTabs on Android and SFSafariViewController on iOS.
Contributors: eddy verbruggen
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-android-iosswitch1.0.0  2017-04-24MIT661
A lightweight iOS switch view style for Androiddlucidone (dlucidone)
nativescript-animatecss1.0.0  2016-02-13Apache-2.02913
NativeScript plugin for Android to mimic Animate.CSS animations on Android views.Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-animation-spring0.0.3  2016-02-24MIT7087
A NativeScript module to enhance animations to include the Spring type of animation curvealexziskind1 (alexziskind1)
nativescript-app-icon-changer1.0.4  2017-09-28MIT40711
Change the homescreen icon of your app from codeeddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-auto-fit-text1.0.0  2017-07-07Apache-2.0242
AutoFitText NativeScript plugin.daniel leal (danielgek)
nativescript-autocomplete1.0.0  2016-11-29MIT43813
An editable text view that shows completion suggestions automatically while the user is typing.osei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-awesome-loaders1.2.1  2016-07-14MIT6846
NativeScript plugin to add custom loading indicatorsosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-behavior0.1.0  2016-06-28MIT1,4750
Behavioral components for NativeScript Viewsandrey f. mindubaev (covex-nn)
nativescript-bored-rudolph1.0.0  2016-07-07MIT2084
NativeScript plugin for a custom hidden Rudolph game inside a pull-to-refresh layout.Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-bottomnavigation1.0.5  2017-01-29MIT6684
NativeScript plugin for AHBottomNavigation.kobby sun (kobby-sun)
nativescript-calendar-weekview1.0.6  2017-03-21MIT46013
Nativescript Calendar WeekView allow adding events to weekview and styling them.dlucidone (dlucidone)
nativescript-camera-plus2.0.0   Commercial
Fully customizable CameraBrad Martin (NathanaelA)
nativescript-canvas-interface1.0.0  2016-02-21MIT9664
Nativescript Plugin to perform image manipulation using web-view canvas for Android/iOS.shripal soni (shripalsoni04)
nativescript-cardview3.1.1  2018-07-09MIT26,910155
A NativeScript plugin for Material Design CardView component.
Contributors: NathanaelA, vladimir nani, multishiv19, eddy verbruggen, Nathan Walker, sis0k0
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-carousel4.0.1  2018-07-20MIT7,14875
Carousel component for NativeScript (iOS & Android).
Contributors: steve mcniven-scott, Brad Martin, manijak
nedim erkocevic (manijak)
nativescript-carousel-view2.9.0  2017-01-07MIT3,68512
CarouselView plugin for nativescriptalex rainman (alexrainman)
nativescript-cfalert-dialog1.0.8  2018-07-08Apache-2.01,29417
CFAlert Dialog wrapper for NativeScript
Contributors: dave coffin
multishiv19 (shiv19)
nativescript-charts0.0.7  2017-02-02MIT1129
Chart plugin for Nativescript.marek maszay (markosko)
nativescript-chatview1.0.3  2016-07-23MIT96813
NativeScript UI module for implementing WhatsApp like chat applications.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-checkbox3.0.3  2017-11-08MIT12,74839
NativeScript plugin for checkbox widget.
Contributors: Nathan Walker, steve mcniven-scott, jeremiah ogbomo, schmidely stéphane, eddy verbruggen, osei fortune
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-circle-menu1.0.0  2017-01-03MIT19412
CircleMenu is a simple, elegant menu with a circular layout.
Contributors: joshua wiens
Nathan Walker (DeviantJS)
nativescript-coachmarks2.0.4  2018-03-20CENSE...1,42718
Display user coach marks with a couple of shape cutouts over an existing UI for NativeScript.
Contributors: osei fortune
Nathan Walker (NathanWalker)
nativescript-collapsing-header2.0.0  2016-10-04MIT1,4938
NativeScript Collapsing Header Plugin.josh sommer (TheOriginalJosh)
nativescript-collectionview1.0.1  2018-06-20Apache-2.0039
A NativeScript CollectionView widget.
Contributors: farfromrefuge
peter staev (PeterStaev)
nativescript-color-picker1.3.2  2016-12-05MIT1,1976
NativeScript plugin to show a color picker dialog.
Contributors: sean perkins, Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-comments1.1.9  2017-12-26Apache-2.01,2675
Your awesome NativeScript plugin for render a comments box .moayad al-najdawi (moayadnajd)
nativescript-confettiview3.0.3  2018-05-01MIT4845
NativeScript plugin for Confetti Views.
Contributors: Nathan Walker
sean perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-contacts-picker1.2.8  2016-10-01MIT3,2730
A NativeScript plugin to pick contactsrob laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-dialog0.1.0  2016-12-16Apache-2.03,74813
A NativeScript plugin for iOS and Android that allows you to create custom dialog.enchev (enchev)
nativescript-directions1.2.0  2018-02-09MIT3,37838
Leverage the native Maps app to show directions from and to anywhere you like.eddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-drawingpad3.0.3  2018-05-14Apache-2.06,24652
A NativeScript plugin to provide a way to capture any drawing (signatures are a common use case) from the device screen.
Contributors: leo caseiro, peter staev, Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-drop-down4.0.1  2018-06-28Apache-2.026,02477
A NativeScript DropDown widget.peter staev (PeterStaev)
nativescript-effects1.0.0  2017-08-09MIT2,40822
A NativeScript plugin that extend animations to include common animation scenarios.
Contributors: steve mcniven-scott
alexziskind1 (alexziskind1)
nativescript-emoji1.1.1  2017-05-24MIT3279
Emoji for NativeScriptdouglas zanco franco (dzfweb)
nativescript-epub0.1.0  2016-08-25MIT1364
NativeScript plugin for ePub reader.sean perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-exoplayer3.4.1  2018-03-13Apache-2.04,46611
A NativeScript plugin that uses the ExoPlayer video player on Android to play local and remote videos.
Contributors: Brad Martin, juan manuel campos olvera, Nathan Walker, blake nussey, ivo georgiev, alexziskind1, alexander semenov
NathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-explosionfield1.0.3  2016-12-05MIT9365
:bomb: NativeScript plugin to create an exploding particle animation :bomb:
Contributors: josh sommer
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-facebookrebound1.0.1  2016-11-09Apache-2.04060
NativeScript plugin to use Facebook's Spring Animations for Android.Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-fancy-calendar3.0.2  2017-10-2493614
Fancy calendar for NativeScript :smile: :beers:
Contributors: mickaeleuranie
rhanbit (rhanbIT)
nativescript-fancyalert1.2.0  2018-03-01MIT5,11183
Fancy alerts for NativeScript.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Nathan Walker (NathanWalker)
nativescript-feedback1.2.0  2018-06-03MIT6,55566
Non-blocking textual feedback for your NativeScript app. AKA superfancy Toasts!eddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-file-photoview0.1.5  2017-05-04MIT4460
NativeScript plugin for viewing an image file from local storage on Android.clarence ho (skywidesoft)
nativescript-file-picker0.0.2  2016-12-12MIT1940
Your awesome NativeScript plugin.
Contributors: kazemihabib
Nathan Walker (kazemihabib)
nativescript-filter-select1.2.9  2018-05-08MIT4,66127
Your awesome NativeScript plugin for select and filter items for a list.moayad al-najdawi (moayadnajd)
nativescript-filterable-listpicker2.1.0  2018-07-12Apache-2.01,04724
A modal list picker with filtering capabilities.dave coffin (davecoffin)
nativescript-floatingactionbutton4.1.3  2017-11-19MIT11,72367
A NativeScript plugin for Material Design Floating Action Button.
Contributors: steve mcniven-scott, gabrielbiga, NathanaelA, lazaromenezes
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-fontawesome1.0.0  2017-08-21Apache-2.000
Your awesome NativeScript plugin for using fontawesome iconsmoayad al-najdawi (moayadnajd)
nativescript-fonticon1.1.1  2016-12-15MIT2,43815
Use custom font icon collections seamlessly with NativeScript.
Contributors: NathanaelA
Nathan Walker (NathanWalker)
nativescript-fresco4.0.0  2018-07-04Apache-2.022,82438
This is a NativeScript plugin wrapping the popular Fresco library for managing images on Android.deyan ginev (NativeScript)
nativescript-gameanalytics1.1.7  2018-05-25MIT1,6803
Official NativeScript SDK for GameAnalytics. GameAnalytics is a free analytics platform that helps game developers understand their players' behaviour by delivering relevant insights.gameanalytics (GameAnalytics)
nativescript-gif4.0.1  2018-07-16MIT3,25427
NativeScript plugin to use .gifs
Contributors: NathanaelA, amila rukshan, Nathan Walker, ophir stern
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-GMImagePicker1.0.4  2016-09-07MIT3270
A NativeScript plugin that wraps GMImagePicker for iOSrob laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-google-maps-sdk2.6.0  2018-04-16MIT27,828150
Google Maps SDK plugin for Nativescriptdan prietti (dapriett)
nativescript-google-maps-utils0.1.3  2016-11-08Unlicense70219
NativeScript Google Maps SDK utility library to support features such as marker clustering, heatmap, ...nader toukabri (naderio)
nativescript-google-place-picker1.0.1  2017-06-29MIT353
Nativescript Google Place Picker plugindacrystal
nativescript-google-places0.0.3  2016-06-089330
Read Google Places API Documentation at
Contributors: sacemax
Missing Author
nativescript-google-signin0.1.0  2016-08-11MIT2994
A NativeScript module providing google signin for Androidcarlos mario villadiego (carvarr)
nativescript-googlemaps3.0.2  2017-07-11Apache-2.04,4152
Provides API for showing location on a google maps.nsndeck (NativeScript)
nativescript-gradient2.0.1  2017-08-23MIT1,01314
NativeScript plugin for gradient layouts.
Contributors: jeremiah ogbomo, Brad Martin
eddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-grid-view4.1.0  2018-06-07Apache-2.09,49037
A NativeScript GridView widget.peter staev (PeterStaev)
nativescript-hidden1.0.0   Commercial
A plugin to allow nativescript to support hidden visibilityNathanaelA (NathanaelA)
nativescript-hold-to-load1.0.2  2016-06-267490
Nativescript plugin for press (hold) background animation.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Missing Author
nativescript-hosted-toast1.0.0  2016-05-31MIT2210
A NativeScript Toast Plugin for Hosted Applications.ken williamson (Ulbora)
nativescript-image-cache1.1.6  2018-03-25MIT2,57910
Nativescript image caching plugin using Fresco for Android and SDWebImageCache for iOS
Contributors: blake nussey
yezarela (yezarela)
nativescript-image-cache-it4.0.4  2018-04-26Apache-2.04,43117
Image caching plugin for nativescript
Contributors: Brad Martin
osei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-image-cache-media1.0.6  2017-03-27MIT7200
A plugin for caching web images on Android and iOS
Contributors: nnieto
alejandro nieto (NNieto)
nativescript-image-filters2.0.2  2018-04-10MIT1,52116
NativeScript plugin to apply filters to your images.Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-image-preview0.1.0  2016-02-152970
A lightweight NativeScript plugin that wraps the [JTSImageViewController]( CocoaPod.
Contributors: tj vantoll
Missing Author
nativescript-image-swipe3.0.0  2018-05-20Apache-2.025815
A widget to easily swipe and zoom through imagespeter staev (PeterStaev)
nativescript-imagecropper1.0.4  2018-06-25MIT3,10223
NativeScript Image Cropper Plugin
Contributors: dave coffin, Brad Martin, multishiv19
nativescript-imagepicker6.0.3  2018-07-17Apache 2.033,93045
A plugin for the NativeScript framework implementing multiple image pickerNativeScript
nativescript-in-app-notifications0.1.0  2017-06-15MIT3,2752
In app notifications plugin for NativeScript.
Contributors: jboeijenga, spike1292, essent-bot, idicious, jphoiting, voracious, samkariashiva, jorisessent, peter-vangennip-valtech, ariska.keldermann.essent, cdebruin, dennis-montana, pcmulder, baudin999, essent-admin, evanrooijen, dwassenberg, mauricedassen, tomvoigt, rachnerd, koenholleboom, martijnkooijman, ruben.van.rooij, nickdekkers91
nativescript-intercom-bridge1.0.0  2017-03-14MIT1251
NativeScript Plugin for Intercomemre suzen (aemr3)
nativescript-intro-slides1.0.6  2016-05-21MIT3,73641
NativeScript intro slides plugin.
Contributors: Brad Martin
josh sommer (TheOriginalJosh)
nativescript-iqkeyboardmanager1.3.0  2018-03-13MIT32,57245
NativeScript wrapper of the popular IQKeyboardManager iOS library
Contributors: eddy verbruggen
tj vantoll (tjvantoll)
nativescript-keyframes1.0.0  2016-11-25MIT10928
Easily use the Facebook Keyframes library in your NativeScript app.eddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-kiip0.1.3  2017-03-15Apache-2.04270
Integrate native kiip widgets into NativeScriptsteve mcniven-scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-label1.0.0  2017-04-13MIT980
NativeScript Label plugin for iOS.akmal sultonov (asultonov)
nativescript-linearprogressbar1.0.4  2017-08-14Apache-2.01640
A NativeScript plugin that provides a widget to implement a linear progress bar.slanca (slanca)
nativescript-liquid-loader1.0.0  2016-06-29MIT2011
NativeScript plugin for a slick liquid loading animation.Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-listview-header0.2.1  2016-01-26MIT6577
A ios UITableView plugin for nativescript which allows you to add table headerviewrajiv narayana (rajivnarayana)
nativescript-live-engage3.0.7  2018-05-02MIT9,6876
A NativeScript plugin to display a LivePerson LiveEngage chat window
Contributors: dennis-montana, peter-vangennip-valtech, samkariashiva, jorisessent, cdebruin, ariska.keldermann.essent, idicious, voracious, jphoiting, essent-bot, spike1292, jboeijenga, koenholleboom, martijnkooijman, rachnerd, ruben.van.rooij, nickdekkers91, tomvoigt, essent-admin, baudin999, mauricedassen, dwassenberg, evanrooijen, pcmulder
nativescript-loading-indicator2.4.0  2017-09-20MIT12,56659
A NativeScript plugin for showing an overlayed loading indicator.
Contributors: maknz
Nathan Walker (NathanWalker)
nativescript-local-notifications2.0.5  2018-07-04MIT26380
The Local Notifications plugin allows your app to show notifications when the app is not running. Just like remote push notifications, but a few orders of magnitude easier to set up.eddy verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-locate-address1.0.1  2017-05-24MIT1410
Opening Native Mapping App from your Mobile {N} App to locate address.issam guissouma (iguissouma)
nativescript-lottie2.1.0  2018-06-25MIT2,12364
NativeScript plugin to expose AirBnB Lottie library
Contributors: Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-mapbox4.1.1  2018-07-03MIT12,30293
Native Maps, by Mapbox.eddy verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-marshmallow-loader1.0.0  2016-07-20MIT1820
NativeScript plugin for the Android Marshmallow loading animation.Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-masked-text-field3.0.1  2018-06-28Apache-2.02,32020
A NativeScript masked text field widget.peter staev (PeterStaev)
nativescript-maskedinput0.0.3  2016-07-07MIT1,1397
A {N} masked input plugin for iOS and Android
Contributors: multishiv19
nativescript-maskedinput-ng21.3.1  2017-05-08ISC1,2590
A nativescript mask input for Angular 2yamilquery
nativescript-material-datetimepicker1.0.9  2017-10-25Apache-2.04257
NativeScript Plugin to use Material Design Date and Time Picker
Contributors: dave coffin
multishiv19 (shiv19)
nativescript-material-icons1.0.3  2016-11-11MIT2,9329
A package containing ready to use material design icon font and css classes for nativescript projects.
Contributors: shripal soni
nativescript-material-loading-indicator1.0.0  2015-09-16MIT4190
This package installs an activity indicator for iOS inspired by the material design indicator of Androidnikolay-diyanov
nativescript-material-showcaseview1.0.1  2017-02-10MIT951
Nativescript plugin for android based on MaterialShowcaseView library rios campos (rcluan)
nativescript-materialdropdownlist1.0.15  2017-01-22MIT3,6727
Material-Inspired Dropdown List XML widget for NativeScript Apps
Contributors: bradleygore, Brad Martin
Nathan Walker (bradleygore)
nativescript-messenger1.2.0  2016-08-22MIT3,4836
A SMS Messenger NativeScript module for Android and iOS and Android
Contributors: steve mcniven-scott, osei fortune
ryan lebel (firescript)
nativescript-modal-datetimepicker1.1.3  2018-05-01Apache-2.01,66513
A nice looking modal date time picker.
Contributors: multishiv19, jeremiah ogbomo
dave coffin (davecoffin)
nativescript-modal-datetimepicker-spms1.1.3  2018-06-01Apache-2.0014
A nice looking modal date time picker.
Contributors: jeremiah ogbomo, gustavost26, multishiv19
dave coffin (davecoffin)
nativescript-modal-datetimepicker-ssi1.1.5  2018-05-14Apache-2.000
A nice looking modal date time picker.
Contributors: multishiv19, dnelson-simplec, jeremiah ogbomo
dave coffin (simplec-dev)
nativescript-msgraph0.1.4  2016-09-19MIT3740
MSGraph for NativeScript.alexziskind1 (alexziskind1)
nativescript-na-camera1.2.0  2016-11-212186
A NativeScript camera pluginfilip nordling (nordlingart)
nativescript-na-slider1.1.3  2017-02-10MIT4091
A NativeScript slider pluginfilip nordling (nordlingart)
nativescript-na-slideshow1.5.0  2016-12-03MIT1,5352
A NativeScript slideshowfilip nordling (nordlingart)
nativescript-navigation-tabbar0.1.2  2017-06-26ISC230
Port of DevLight's NavigationTabBar for androidlarry eliemenye (bigmeech)
nativescript-ng-gradient0.0.2  2017-06-30MIT1201
Use Gradients on your Nativescript + Angular UIjeremiah ogbomo (jogboms)
nativescript-ng2-carousel0.0.5  2017-10-07MIT4503
A simple NativeScript + Angular 2 images carousel for iOS and Androidmanel alcoceba (alcoceba)
nativescript-ng2-fonticon1.3.4  2017-01-03MIT5,67935
Use custom font icon collections seamlessly with NativeScript + Angular2.
Contributors: NathanaelA
Nathan Walker (NathanWalker)
nativescript-ng2-slides0.0.11  2017-01-25MIT1,19123
Angular Native(NativeScript + Angular 2) version of the slidesjosh sommer (TheOriginalJosh)
nativescript-ng2-vlc-player1.0.2  2016-08-21MIT1,1162
nativescript ng2 vlc player pluginkazemihabib (kazemihabib)
nativescript-ngx-fonticon4.2.0  2018-05-09MIT21,58751
Use custom font icon collections seamlessly with NativeScript for Angular.
Contributors: martin reinhardt, NathanaelA
Nathan Walker (NathanWalker)
nativescript-ngx-slides6.0.0  2018-06-24MIT5,70833
NativeScript + Angular version of the slidesjosh sommer (TheOriginalJosh)
nativescript-number-progressbar1.0.0  2017-04-18MIT706
Nativescript Android Progress Bar plugin.dlucidone (dlucidone)
nativescript-numberpicker1.0.3  2016-12-11MIT3994
nativescript-numberpicker.balogun oghenerobo philip (robophil)
nativescript-numeric-keyboard4.0.2  2018-05-28MIT3,84810
Handy and elegant numeric keyboard for iOS NativeScript apps. On Android we fall back to the regular numeric keyboard.eddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-panorama-imageview1.0.0  2017-01-09MIT684
Panoramic Image View for NativeScriptBrad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-parallax1.4.0  2017-10-30MIT3,53017
NativeScript Parallax View Plugin.
Contributors: Nathan Walker
josh sommer (TheOriginalJosh)
nativescript-pdf-view2.0.1  2017-05-25MIT1,40017
A NativeScript plugin to display PDF files on iOS and Android
Contributors: merott
merott movahedi (Merott)
nativescript-performance-monitor1.0.0  2017-01-27MIT12310
Measure and show FPS and (on iOS) CPU usage.eddy verbruggen (EddyVerbruggen)
nativescript-periscopehearts1.0.1  2016-12-05Apache-2.03002
A NativeScript plugin for Periscope's heart animation. (Android Only)Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-photoviewer1.4.0  2018-02-21MIT1,79223
A simple Photo-viewer component for NativeScript based on NYTPhotoViewer pod for iOS and ImageGalleryViewer for Android.manijak
nativescript-physics-js2.0.1  2017-08-17MIT1,5486
NativeScript renderer for PhysicsJS library.vakrilov
nativescript-play-pause-button1.0.2  2016-08-06MIT1,1290
NativeScript Play Pause Buttonjosh sommer (TheOriginalJosh)
nativescript-plugin-google-signin-button1.0.5  2017-06-25MIT2311
A NativeScript plugin to create native Google sign-in button.anton adamansky (Softmotions)
nativescript-progressbar1.0.2  2016-03-02Apache-2.09263
XML widget to create native Progress Bars in NativeScript apps.sebawita
nativescript-pspdfkit4.3.4  2018-06-12Apache-2.03,3357
Nativescript implementation of PSPDFKit.
Contributors: osei fortune
sean perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-pulltorefresh2.1.1  2018-05-04MIT19,22469
A NativeScript plugin to provide the Pull to Refresh control on any view.
Contributors: peter staev, NathanaelA, dlucidone, andrew halls
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-radio0.3.6  2017-09-14Apache-2.01060
Radio button pluging for NativeScriptmilan nankov (milannankov)
nativescript-radiobutton0.1.0  2017-02-01Apache 2.03,4464
A plugin for nativescript that exposes the radiogroup and radiobutton native view elements.tunaweza (Tunaweza)
nativescript-ratings1.0.1  2016-11-29Apache-2.03777
Prompt users to rate the Telerik NativeScript application
Contributors: Brad Martin
nativescript-reviews1.0.4  2017-11-28Apache-2.02161
Your awesome NativeScript plugin for render a reviews boxmoayad al-najdawi (moayadnajd)
nativescript-rich-textfield1.0.0  2017-04-04Apache-2.01523
Nativescript plugin that provides textfield with icon and exposes a few additional attributes for stylingzdravko branzov (zbranzov)
nativescript-ripple2.1.0  2018-07-20MIT6,06536
NativeScript plugin to add Material Design ripple effects to any layout.Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-scaledfonts1.0.0   Commercial
Automatic scaling of fontsNathanaelA (NathanaelA)
nativescript-screen-orientation2.0.0  2016-01-16MIT1,6707
A plugin to force change the orientation of a page programmatically in NativeScript. Supports both Android and iOS.batheja sumeet (VideoSpike)
nativescript-sectioned-list-view0.3.2  2016-05-26ISC1,3019
A native script listview plugin that can display sectionsrajiv narayana (rajivnarayana)
nativescript-shatterview0.1.5  2016-06-06Apache-2.01,0290
Break your views into piecessteve mcniven-scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-shimmer2.0.0  2017-11-14BSD3894
Facebook shimmer effect for your NativeScript app - iOS and Android.Nathan Walker (NathanWalker)
nativescript-sidedrawer1.0.6  2016-12-28MIT1,55428
SideDrawer menu plugin for Nativescript - iOS/Android.rob laverty (gethuman)
nativescript-signaturepad0.1.3  2016-02-08Apache-2.096539
A NativeScript plugin to provide a way to capture signatures (and any other drawing) from the device screen.Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-signingpad1.0.1  2017-10-12Apache 2.0190
A NativeScript plugin for IOS to provide a way to capture signatures from the device screen.
Contributors: thorsten-herbst
thorsten herbst (diamond2010)
nativescript-sinch1.1.5  2016-05-02MIT1,1524
NativeScript plugin to use sinchosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-slider1.0.1  2016-11-04MIT3650
fork of nativescript ui/slider with dragged eventkazemihabib (kazemihabib)
nativescript-slides2.2.14  2018-02-04MIT10,57355
NativeScript Slides plugin.
Contributors: obsessive inc/abhijith reddy, victor nascimento, steve mcniven-scott, Brad Martin
josh sommer (TheOriginalJosh)
nativescript-slideshow-busy-indicator3.0.1  2017-10-03Apache-2.05913
A busy indicator plug-in for Nativescript.tbozhikov (tbozhikov)
nativescript-snackbar3.1.0  2018-05-21Apache-2.011,96754
A NativeScript plugin providing the Material Design SnackBar.
Contributors: NathanaelA, rob laverty, eddy verbruggen, marcbuils, steve mcniven-scott
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-social-share1.5.0  2017-11-06MIT27,11242
A NativeScript module to use the native social sharing widget
Contributors: eddy verbruggen
tj vantoll (tjvantoll)
nativescript-splashscreen2.3.0  2016-12-13MIT2,04736
NativeScript for splashscreens
Contributors: Nathan Walker
osei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-star-ratings1.0.0  2017-12-29Apache-2.02049
NativeScript star ratings UI component plugin.
Contributors: sean perkins
osei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-status-bar1.1.1  2017-03-27Apache-2.01,07910
A simple NativeScript plugin for controlling status bar visibility.peter staev (PeterStaev)
nativescript-statusbar4.0.1  2018-01-17MIT5,92713
Provides API for setting the status bar style on iOS
Contributors: Brad Martin, tj vantoll
burke holland (burkeholland)
nativescript-svg1.3.4  2017-06-18MIT3,98423
NativeScript SVG plugin
Contributors: Brad Martin
victorsosa (peoplewareDo)
nativescript-swipe-card1.0.8  2017-09-05MIT78915
swipcard plugin for nativescript
Contributors: rhanbit, jenlooper, Brad Martin, osei fortune
rachid al kayat (rkhayyat)
nativescript-swipe-layout1.0.5  2018-01-15Apache-2.033012
Easy Swipe Layout for NativeScriptrhanbit (rhanb)
nativescript-swiper0.1.0  2016-11-23MIT1933
[![npm](]( [![npm](]( wu (imwalson)
nativescript-taskpie1.0.5  2016-07-23MIT1,1382
A NativeScript module for drawing Microsoft Planner like progress charts.marcel joachim kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-telegram-image-picker1.0.3  2017-02-17MIT3248
NativeScript plugin using the TelegramGallery Image Picker library for a customized image picker.Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-textfield-ng0.0.2  2017-01-061540
nativescript textfield with focus event handler, but without ngModel support %)
Contributors: syncro
Missing Author
nativescript-textinputlayout2.0.6  2018-07-10MIT3,21633
A NativeScript plugin to provide an XML widget to implement the Material Design TextInputLayout.
Contributors: Brad Martin
bradleygore (bradleygore)
nativescript-themes1.9.9  2018-06-04MIT1,69513
A NativeScript plugin to deal with Themes in the Declarative UI NathanaelA (nathanaela)
nativescript-timedatepicker1.2.1  2017-11-08Apache 2.04,69324
A NativeScript module providing native Android time and date pickers
Contributors: antoniocuevaurraco, Brad Martin
antonio cueva urraco (AntonioCuevaUrraco)
nativescript-timepicker-slider0.1.2  2016-02-03MIT6207
A nativescript api for TimePickerSlider cocoapods ios controlrajiv narayana (rajivnarayana)
nativescript-toast1.4.6  2017-07-13MIT10,36337
A NativeScript Toast Plugin for Android and iOS apps.
Contributors: martin reinhardt
tobias hennig (TobiasHennig)
nativescript-toasts1.0.3  2017-02-18ISC7922
Provides common API to create toast notifications for android and iOSm danish siddiqui (mdanishs)
nativescript-toasty1.1.5  2016-12-17MIT7565
NativeScript toast pluginosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-toolbar0.3.0  2016-12-26MIT1,4962
A ios UIToolBar plugin for nativescript.rajiv narayana (rajivnarayana)
nativescript-tooltip2.1.0  2017-01-25MIT3595
NativeScript plugin to create tooltipsosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-twitterbang2.0.0  2018-04-16MIT1,39711
NativeScript plugin for Android to use native Twitter animation for the exploding heart.Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-vibrate2.1.1  2018-07-14MIT3,27715
A vibrate NativeScript plugin for Android and iOS
Contributors: juliomrqz, bazzite
julio marquez (bazzite)
nativescript-videoplayer4.1.0  2018-07-09MIT17,08972
A NativeScript plugin that uses the native video players to play local and remote videos.
Contributors: blake nussey, ivo georgiev, ophir stern,, juan manuel campos olvera, dave coffin, eddy verbruggen, alexziskind1, NathanaelA
Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-wave-refresh1.0.0  2016-07-08MIT2403
NativeScript plugin for a custom pull-to-refresh layout.Brad Martin (bradmartin)
nativescript-web-image-cache4.2.6  2018-06-19MIT5,22928
A wrapper over SDWebImageCache for iOS and Facebook Fresco for android for remote image caching on NativeScript
Contributors: batheja sumeet
nativescript-wechat-share0.1.1  2015-12-08MIT2772
A NativeScript module providing Wechat share for Android and iOSzhiqi lin (linzhiqi)
nativescript-wechat-share-plugin0.0.1  2017-05-11MIT492
wechat share plugin on nativesction.richard (gdtdpt)
nativescript-wikitudearchitectview0.4.6  2016-12-23MIT1,4940
A NativeScript plugin wikitude architect view.
Contributors: jinhong
nativescript-wkwebview1.0.0  2017-04-12MIT1250
NativeScript WKWebView plugin for iOS.akmal sultonov (asultonov)
nativescript-ylprogressbar0.0.5  2016-10-11ISC4210
YLprogressbar wrapper for nativescript
Contributors: juan manuel campos olvera
juan campos (juanmcampos)
nativescript-zendesk0.3.4  2016-12-22Apache-2.04,7305
A NativeScript module for integrating Zendesk
Contributors: antonio cueva urraco
steve mcniven-scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-zendesk-with-chatv0.2.4  2018-05-03Apache-2.01,0625
A NativeScript module for integrating Zendesk chat
Contributors: phattranky, phat tran, qlehong
quang le (qlehong)
ns-navigation-tabbar0.1.2  2017-06-26ISC720
Port of DevLight's NavigationTabBar for androidlarry eliemenye (bigmeech)
ns-sweet-alert1.1.3  2017-01-23MIT3662
an implementation of sweet alert dialog for nativescripttomas (tomasdivito)
tns-ng-gif1.3.1  2017-05-15ISC1,5441
Display an animated gif in a NativeScript Image.bdauria