Category Statistics
Data last updated: April 26, 2017
Plugins found: 145
Newest plugins: nativescript-material-loading-indicator
Total Android plugins:124
Total iOS plugins:118
Plugins supporting all platforms:99
Total plugins authors: 57
Most proficient author: BradMartin
(with 23 plugins)
Most helpful author: Nathanael Anderson, Brad Martin
(with 7 assists)

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseDownloadsStars
nativescript-3dtouch1.2.1  2017-04-11MIT58721
Use 3D Touch to create quick actions for your home screen icon.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-accessibility1.0.0  2016-07-01PATRON1701
A NativeScript module for basic accessibility usage.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-accordion3.1.2  2017-04-11MIT1,0418
A layout which supports expanding and collapsing child views.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-add-contact-activity1.0.0   2016-08-211160
Simple NativeScript plugin that opens add contact activity for selected number.Vojtech Kozak (kozakvoj)
nativescript-advanced-webview1.1.3  2016-12-25MIT63312
An advanced webview using Chrome CustomTabs on Android and SFSafariViewController on iOS.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-android-preferences1.0.3  2016-10-12MIT3080
A NativeScript plugin that allows to use the application's preferences on Android.Elsa Rodriguez Plaza (elsamrodco)
nativescript-animatecss1.0.0  2016-02-13Apache-2.02623
NativeScript plugin for Android to mimic Animate.CSS animations on Android views.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-animation-spring0.0.3  2016-02-24MIT6750
A NativeScript module to enhance animations to include the Spring type of animation curve.Alexander Ziskind (alexziskind1)
nativescript-autocomplete1.0.0  2016-11-29MIT31610
An editable text view that shows completion suggestions automatically while the user is typing.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-awesome-loaders1.2.1  2016-07-14MIT6105
NativeScript plugin to add custom loading indicators.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-bitmap-factory1.7.0  2017-01-31MIT2,4216
A NativeScript module for creating and manipulating bitmap images.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-bored-rudolph1.0.0  2017-01-20MIT1544
NativeScript plugin for a custom hidden Rudolph game inside a pull-to-refresh layout.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-bottombar2.0.1  2017-04-066072
NativeScript plugin for AHBottomNavigation.rhanbIT (rhanbit)
nativescript-bottomnavigation1.0.5  2017-01-29MIT3774
NativeScript plugin for AHBottomNavigation.Kobby Sun (kobby-sun)
nativescript-calendar-weekview1.0.6  2017-03-21MIT35113
Nativescript Calendar WeekView allow adding events to weekview and styling them.Ravindra Mishra (dlucidone)
nativescript-camera0.0.8  2017-01-17MIT5,2390
Provides API for using device camera.NativeScript team (stephenfeather)
nativescript-canvas-interface1.0.0  2016-02-21MIT8734
Nativescript Plugin to perform image manipulation using web-view canvas for Android/iOS.Shripal Soni (shripalsoni04)
nativescript-cardview2.0.0-rc.0  2017-04-19Apache-2.09,72079
A NativeScript plugin for Material Design CardView component.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson, Nathanael Walker, Ned, Vladimir Nani, Stanimira Vlaeva, Eddy Verbruggen
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-carousel2.4.1  2017-04-14MIT1,28931
Carousel component for NativeScript (iOS & Android).Nedim Erkocevic (manijak)
nativescript-carousel-view2.9.0  2017-01-07MIT2,5408
CarouselView plugin for nativescript.Alex Rainman (alexrainman)
nativescript-charts0.0.7  2017-02-02MIT766
Chart plugin for Nativescript.Marek Maszay (markosko)
nativescript-chatview1.0.3  2016-07-23MIT82612
NativeScript UI module for implementing WhatsApp like chat applications.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-checkbox1.2.8  2017-04-07MIT3,43622
NativeScript plugin for checkbox widget.
Contributors: Nathan Walker, Steve McNiven-Scott, Osei Fortune
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-circle-menu1.0.0  2017-01-03MIT17911
CircleMenu is a simple, elegant menu with a circular layout.
Contributors: Joshua Wiens
Nathan Walker (deviantjs)
nativescript-coachmarks1.0.2  2016-08-21CENSE...4888
Display user coach marks with a couple of shape cutouts over an existing UI for NativeScript.Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-collapsing-header2.0.0  2016-10-04MIT1,3618
NativeScript Collapsing Header Plugin.Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-color-picker1.3.2  2016-12-05MIT9324
NativeScript plugin to show a color picker dialog.
Contributors: Sean Perkins, Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-confettiview0.1.0  2016-11-29MIT1102
NativeScript plugin for Confetti Views.Sean Perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-contacts-picker1.2.8  2016-10-01MIT2,9590
A NativeScript plugin to pick contacts.Rob Laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-custom-local-notifications1.0.3  2016-09-15MIT3611
The Local Notifications plugin allows your app to show notifications when the app is not running. now with custom sounds (android only). Just like remote push notifications, but a few orders of magnitude easier to set up.Eddy Verbruggen (obsessive)
nativescript-dialog0.1.0  2017-03-31Apache-2.03,04914
A NativeScript plugin for iOS and Android that allows you to create custom dialog.Vladimir Enchev (enchev)
nativescript-directions1.0.5  2017-02-23MIT63823
Leverage the native Maps app to show directions from and to anywhere you like.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-dom2.0.0  2017-04-22MIT5,85026
A NativeScript module for DOM Emulation.
Contributors: Brad Martin, Ludwik Trammer
Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-drawingpad1.1.2  2016-12-07Apache-2.01,77134
A NativeScript plugin to provide a way to capture any drawing (signatures are a common use case) from the device screen.
Contributors: Leo Caseiro, Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-drop-down1.5.5  2017-04-21Apache-2.010,21343
A NativeScript DropDown widget.Peter Staev (peterstaev)
nativescript-effects0.5.0  2017-04-21MIT1,88918
A NativeScript plugin that extend animations to include common animation scenarios.
Contributors: Steve McNiven-Scott
Alexander Ziskind (alexziskind1)
nativescript-epub0.1.0  2016-08-25MIT1183
NativeScript plugin for ePub reader.Sean Perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-explosionfield1.0.3  2016-12-05MIT8763
:bomb: NativeScript plugin to create an exploding particle animation :bomb:.
Contributors: Josh Sommer
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-facebook-login1.0.0  2017-02-231,68019
A NativeScript module providing Facebook login for Android and iOS.Antonio Cueva Urraco (antoniocuevaurraco)
nativescript-facebookrebound1.0.1  2016-11-09Apache-2.03870
NativeScript plugin to use Facebook's Spring Animations for Android.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-fancyalert1.1.2  2016-12-15MIT2,41940
Fancy alerts for NativeScript.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-file-photoview0.1.4  2017-04-22MIT2470
NativeScript plugin for viewing an image file from local storage on Android.Clarence Ho (skywidesoft)
nativescript-file-picker0.0.2  2016-12-12MIT750
Your awesome NativeScript plugin.Your Name (kazemihabib)
nativescript-fingerprint-auth4.0.0  2017-04-20MIT51127
A fingerprint authentication plugin for use in NativeScript apps.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-floatingactionbutton3.0.0  2017-04-25Apache-2.08,86241
A NativeScript plugin for Material Design Floating Action Button.
Contributors: Lázaro Danillo, Steve McNiven-Scott, Nathanael Anderson, Gabriel Marinho, Alexander Vakrilov, Samuel Ikechukwu, Stanimira Vlaeva
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-fonticon1.1.1  2016-12-15MIT1,98514
Use custom font icon collections seamlessly with NativeScript.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson
Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-fresco3.0.2  2017-04-19ISC8,36817
This is a NativeScript plugin wrapping the popular Fresco library for managing images on Android.
Contributors: Deyan Ginev, Vladimir Amiorkov
Deyan Ginev (nativescript)
nativescript-fresco-compat1.0.17  2017-03-19ISC2330
This is a NativeScript plugin wrapping the popular Fresco library for managing images on Android with a compatibility fix for fresco 0.14.1.
Contributors: Deyan Ginev, Vladimir Amiorkov
Deyan Ginev (code0wl)
nativescript-gif1.0.9  2017-02-26MIT1,76813
NativeScript plugin to use .gifs.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson, Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-GMImagePicker1.0.4  2016-09-07MIT2880
A NativeScript plugin that wraps GMImagePicker for iOS.Rob Laverty (roblav96)
nativescript-google-maps-sdk1.4.3  2016-12-30MIT11,24890
Google Maps SDK plugin for Nativescript.Dan Prietti (dapriett)
nativescript-google-maps-sdk-8-4-02.0.0   2017-02-13ISC7643
This package is no longer supported and has been deprecated.dapriett
nativescript-google-mobile-ads-sdk1.0.5  2015-12-16MIT1,4521
This package installs the Google Mobile Ads for iOS via CocoaPods.Nikolay Diyanov (nikolay-diyanov)
nativescript-googlemaps0.0.6  2017-04-08Apache-2.03,1240
Provides API for showing location on a google maps.Nedyalko Nikolov (nativescript)
nativescript-grid-view1.4.2  2017-04-17Apache-2.06,66519
A NativeScript GridView widget.Peter Staev (peterstaev)
nativescript-hidden1.0.0   Commercial
A plugin to allow nativescript to support hidden visibility.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-image-cache-it1.6.0  2017-02-22MIT3,82911
Image caching plugin for nativescript.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-image-colors1.0.3  2017-04-20MIT8513
NativeScript colors from images.Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-imagecropper0.0.7  2016-11-21MIT1,4116
A image cropper based on TOCropViewController for iOS and uCrop for Android.bthurlow (bthurlow)
nativescript-imagepicker2.5.1  2017-02-22Apache 2.05,70919
A plugin for the NativeScript framework implementing multiple image picker.nativescript
nativescript-insomnia1.2.1  2017-02-10MIT1,0378
Make the screen not dim (and eventually lock the device) while Insomnia is active.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-intro-slides1.0.6  2016-05-21MIT3,40339
NativeScript intro slides plugin.Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-iqkeyboardmanager1.0.1  2017-03-18MIT14,26522
NativeScript wrapper of the popular IQKeyboardManager iOS library.TJ VanToll (tjvantoll)
nativescript-joystick0.4.4  2017-01-24MIT9371
NativeScript XML plugin to create native JoyStick widget.Sebastian Witalec (sebawita)
nativescript-keyframes1.0.0  2016-11-25MIT8526
Easily use the Facebook Keyframes library in your NativeScript app.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-kiip0.1.3  2017-03-15Apache-2.03940
Integrate native kiip widgets into NativeScript.Steve McNiven-Scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-launchkit0.1.2  2016-05-11Apache-2.03970
Integrate native launchkit iOS widgets into NativeScript.Steve McNiven-Scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-liquid-loader1.0.0  2016-06-29MIT1741
NativeScript plugin for a slick liquid loading animation.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-listview-header0.2.1  2016-01-26MIT6190
A ios UITableView plugin for nativescript which allows you to add table headerview.Rajiv Narayana (rajivnarayana)
nativescript-live-engage2.2.2  2017-03-30MIT1,2625
A NativeScript plugin to display a LivePerson LiveEngage chat on Android.Essent (essent)
nativescript-loading-indicator2.3.2  2017-04-14MIT5,49840
A NativeScript plugin for showing an overlayed loading indicator.
Contributors: Pocketsmith
Nathan Walker (pocketsmith)
nativescript-local-notifications1.2.1  2017-01-09MIT3,59646
The Local Notifications plugin allows your app to show notifications when the app is not running. Just like remote push notifications, but a few orders of magnitude easier to set up.Telerik / Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-lottie1.1.2  2017-02-13MIT34129
NativeScript plugin to expose native Lottie library.
Contributors: Nathan Walker
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-mapbox3.0.0  2017-04-25MIT6,22351
Native Maps, by Mapbox.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-marshmallow-loader1.0.0  2016-07-20MIT1590
NativeScript plugin for the Android Marshmallow loading animation.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-maskedinput0.0.3  2016-11-29MIT8436
A {N} masked input plugin for iOS and Android.bthurlow (bthurlow)
nativescript-material-loading-indicator1.0.0  2015-09-16MIT3870
This package installs an activity indicator for iOS inspired by the material design indicator of Android.Nikolay Diyanov (nikolay-diyanov)
nativescript-material-showcaseview1.0.1  2017-02-10MIT691
Nativescript plugin for android based on MaterialShowcaseView library Rios Campos (rcluan)
nativescript-materialdropdownlist1.0.15  2017-01-22MIT2,9535
Material-Inspired Dropdown List XML widget for NativeScript Apps.Bradley Gore (bradleygore)
nativescript-msgraph0.1.4  2016-09-19MIT3350
MSGraph for NativeScript.Alexander Ziskind (alexziskind1)
nativescript-na-camera1.2.0  2016-11-211735
A NativeScript camera plugin.Filip Nordling (nordlingart)
nativescript-na-slider1.1.3  2017-02-10MIT3470
A NativeScript slider plugin.Filip Nordling (nordlingart)
nativescript-na-slideshow1.5.0  2017-02-22MIT1,4142
A NativeScript slideshow.Filip Nordling (nordlingart)
nativescript-ng2-slides0.0.9  2017-01-25MIT85714
Angular Native(NativeScript + Angular 2) version of the slides.Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-numberpicker.Balogun oghenerobo Philip (robophil)
nativescript-numeric-keyboard2.1.4  2017-04-03MIT5376
Handy and elegant numeric keyboard for iOS NativeScript apps. On Android we fall back to the regular numeric keyboard for now.Eddy Verbruggen (eddyverbruggen)
nativescript-office3650.1.1  2016-07-23MIT4510
Office 365 Graph API plugin for NativeScript.Alexander Ziskind (alexziskind1)
nativescript-orientation1.6.1  2017-03-25MIT2,72418
A NativeScript plugin to deal with Declarative UI and Screen Orientation.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-pager3.0.5  2017-03-29MIT1,5815
[![npm](]( [![npm](]( Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-panorama-imageview1.0.0  2017-01-09MIT552
Panoramic Image View for NativeScript.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-parallax1.1.0  2016-05-16MIT3,86215
NativeScript Parallax View Plugin.Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-pdf-view1.2.1  2017-02-11MIT1,0169
A NativeScript plugin to display PDF files on iOS and Android.Merott Movahedi (merott)
nativescript-pdf-view-bundling-enabled1.2.1  2016-10-05MIT8700
A NativeScript plugin to display PDF files on iOS and Android.Corné de Bruin (corne-de-bruin)
nativescript-pdf-viewer3.1.0  2017-03-30MIT9900
A NativeScript plugin to display PDF files on iOS and Android, with support for Xcode 8.Essent (essent)
nativescript-periscopehearts1.0.1  2016-12-05Apache-2.02721
A NativeScript plugin for Periscope's heart animation. (Android Only).Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-phone-validation0.0.2   2017-03-04MIT511
Phone number validation flow demo project for NativeScript with ng2.Jonathan Salomon (abhayastudios)
nativescript-photoviewer1.2.0  2017-04-18MIT1,19814
A simple Photo-viewer component for NativeScript based on NYTPhotoViewer pod for iOS and ImageGalleryViewer for Android.Nedim Erkocevic (manijak)
nativescript-play-pause-button1.0.2  2016-08-06MIT1,0170
NativeScript Play Pause Button.Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-progressbar1.0.2  2016-03-02Apache-2.07942
XML widget to create native Progress Bars in NativeScript apps.Sebastian Witalec (sebawita)
nativescript-pspdfkit1.0.0  2016-08-04MIT1537
Nativescript implementation of PSPDFKit.Sean Perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-pulltorefresh1.1.10  2017-01-11Apache-2.06,03242
A NativeScript plugin to provide the Pull to Refresh control on any view.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson, Peter Staev, Andrew Halls
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-push-notifications0.1.2  2017-03-04Apache-2.06,98565
The code for the Push Plugin for NativeScript.nativescript
nativescript-radiobutton0.1.0  2017-02-01Apache 2.01,9563
A plugin for nativescript that exposes the radiogroup and radiobutton native view elements.Tunaweza (tunaweza)
nativescript-ratings1.0.1  2016-11-29Apache-2.03116
Prompt users to rate the Telerik NativeScript application.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Nic Raboy (nraboy)
nativescript-ripple1.1.0  2016-12-21MIT80017
NativeScript plugin to add Material Design ripple effects to any layout.
Contributors: Morten Sjøgren
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-screen-orientation2.0.0  2017-04-06MIT1,1127
A plugin to force change the orientation of a page programmatically in NativeScript. Supports both Android and iOS.Batheja Sumeet (videospike)
nativescript-screenshot0.0.2  2015-10-12Apache-2.04243
A plugin for iOS and Android that allows you to get NativeScript view as image.Vladimir Enchev (enchev)
nativescript-sectioned-list-view0.3.2  2016-05-26ISC1,2016
A native script listview plugin that can display sections.Rajiv Narayana (rajivnarayana)
nativescript-shatterview0.1.5  2016-06-06Apache-2.09200
Break your views into pieces.Steve McNiven-Scott (sitefinitysteve)
nativescript-shimmer1.0.2  2016-12-11BSD2493
Facebook shimmer effect for your NativeScript app - iOS and Android.Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-sidedrawer1.0.6  2017-04-18MIT87517
SideDrawer menu plugin for Nativescript - iOS/Android.Rob Laverty (gethuman)
nativescript-sinch1.1.5  2016-05-02MIT1,0934
NativeScript plugin to use sinch.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-slider1.0.1  2016-11-04MIT2900
fork of nativescript ui/slider with dragged event.HabibKazemi (kazemihabib)
nativescript-slides2.2.8  2017-02-22MIT10,52939
NativeScript Slides plugin.
Contributors: Brad Martin, Obsessive Inc/Abhijith Reddy, Victor Nascimento, Steve McNiven-Scott
Josh Sommer (theoriginaljosh)
nativescript-snackbar1.1.6  2016-12-07Apache-2.04,62032
A NativeScript plugin providing the Material Design SnackBar.
Contributors: Steve McNiven-Scott, Nathanael Anderson, Marc Buils, Rob Laverty
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-social-login1.5.2  2017-03-16MIT5,01215
NativeScript plugin for social (token based) log-ins.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-social-share1.3.2  2017-01-18MIT20,68126
A NativeScript module to use the native social sharing widget.TJ VanToll (tjvantoll)
nativescript-splashscreen2.3.0  2017-02-22MIT1,84133
NativeScript for splashscreens.
Contributors: Nathan Walker
Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-star-ratings0.1.0  2017-01-03MIT996
NativeScript star ratings UI component plugin.Sean Perkins (sean-perkins)
nativescript-status-bar1.1.1  2017-03-27Apache-2.084510
A simple NativeScript plugin for controlling status bar visibility.
Contributors: Adrian Pluta
Peter Staev (peterstaev)
nativescript-statusbar1.0.0  2017-02-22MIT3,97010
Provides API for setting the status bar style on iOS.
Contributors: Burke Holland, Brad Martin
Burke Holland (BurkeHolland)
nativescript-svg1.1.4  2017-04-14MIT3,18318
NativeScript SVG plugin.Victor Sosa (peoplewaredo)
nativescript-swiper0.1.0  2016-11-23MIT1531
[![npm](]( [![npm](]( Wu (imwalson)
nativescript-taskpie1.0.5  2016-07-23MIT1,0192
A NativeScript module for drawing Microsoft Planner like progress charts.Marcel Joachim Kloubert (mkloubert)
nativescript-telegram-image-picker1.0.3  2017-02-17MIT2738
NativeScript plugin using the TelegramGallery Image Picker library for a customized image picker.
Contributors: Daxito
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-textdrawable1.0.2  2016-07-14MIT5062
NativeScript plugin to create images from text.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-textinputlayout0.1.5  2017-04-25MIT1,11712
A NativeScript plugin to provide an XML widget to implement the Material Design TextInputLayout.Bradley Gore (bradleygore)
nativescript-theme-christmas1.0.0  2016-12-17MIT620
A Vintage Christmas theme for NativeScript apps.Nathan Walker (nathanwalker)
nativescript-theme-core1.0.4  2017-04-18Apache-2.050,97241
Telerik NativeScript Core Theme.Telerik (nativescript)
nativescript-themes1.1.0  2016-11-29MIT1,4569
A NativeScript plugin to deal with Themes in the Declarative UI.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-timedatepicker1.1.1  2017-03-012,79620
A NativeScript module providing native Android time and date pickers.
Contributors: Brad Martin, DomGaud
Antonio Cueva Urraco (antoniocuevaurraco)
nativescript-timedatepicker-renet1.2.1  2016-11-242761
A NativeScript module providing native Android time and date pickers.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Antonio Cueva Urraco (leocaseiro)
nativescript-toast1.4.5  2017-02-28MIT5,93329
A NativeScript Toast Plugin for Android and iOS apps.Tobias Hennig (tobiashennig)
nativescript-toasts1.0.3  2017-02-18ISC6212
Provides common API to create toast notifications for android and iOS.M Danish Siddiqui (mdanishs)
nativescript-toasty1.1.5  2016-12-17MIT5245
NativeScript toast plugin.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-toolbar0.3.0  2016-12-26MIT1,4051
A ios UIToolBar plugin for nativescript.Rajiv Narayana (rajivnarayana)
nativescript-tooltip2.1.0  2017-01-25MIT2104
NativeScript plugin to create tooltips.Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-twitterbang1.1.3  2016-12-05Apache-2.01,1567
NativeScript plugin for Android to use native Twitter animation for the exploding heart.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-videoplayer2.5.0  2017-04-18Apache-2.08,38741
A NativeScript plugin that uses the native video players to play local and remote videos.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson, Alexander Ziskind, Blake Nussey, Juan Manuel Campos Olvera, Ivo Georgiev
Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-videorecorder1.4.0  2017-04-24MIT2,04115
NativeScript videorecording plugin.
Contributors: Victor Sosa
Osei Fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-wave-refresh1.0.0  2016-07-08MIT2033
NativeScript plugin for a custom pull-to-refresh layout.Brad Martin (BradMartin)
nativescript-wechat-share0.1.1  2015-12-082582
A NativeScript module providing Wechat share for Android and iOS.Zhiqi Lin (linzhiqi)
nativescript-ylprogressbar0.0.5  2016-10-11ISC3660
YLprogressbar wrapper for nativescript.Juan Campos (juanmcampos)
nativescript-zendesk0.3.4  2016-12-22Apache-2.04,5814
A NativeScript module for integrating Zendesk.
Contributors: Antonio Cueva Urraco
Steve McNiven-Scott (sitefinitysteve)
ns-sweet-alert1.1.3  2017-01-23MIT2952
an implementation of sweet alert dialog for nativescript.Tomas (tomasdivito)