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Category Statistics
Data last updated: June 22, 2017
Addons found: 26
Newest addons: nativescript-peek-update
Total Android addons:23
Total iOS addons:19
Addons supporting all platforms:16
Total addons authors: 4
Most proficient author: synerty
(with 2 addons)
Most helpful author: jarrodchesney
(with 2 assists)

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseDownloadsStars
@synerty/peek-ns-update  2017-06-21MIT00
Allows the Peek platform to deploy content to the Nativescript apps
Contributors: bford, jarrodchesney
synerty (Synerty)
nativescript-ali0.0.1  2017-05-19ISC500
a plugin for tmall goods built by yilei
Contributors: giscafer
Missing Author
nativescript-breeze0.0.4  2016-08-11MIT5440
Your awesome NativeScript + Angular plugin.
Contributors: radik_h
Missing Author
nativescript-calabash-wrapper-plugin0.0.2  2016-03-034480

Contributors: sureshballa
Missing Author
nativescript-continuous-scanner1.0.0  2016-08-12our-license-filename>...1720
NativeScript Application
Contributors: dwright27
Missing Author
nativescript-device1.0.0  2016-12-05900
A NativeScript Description Device
Contributors: marcemtz
marcela martinez (Missing Author)
nativescript-google-places0.0.3  2016-06-088580
Read Google Places API Documentation at
Contributors: sacemax
Missing Author
nativescript-hold-to-load1.0.2  2016-06-265690
Nativescript plugin for press (hold) background animation.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Missing Author
nativescript-i18n-tns20.1.8  2017-05-23MIT800
An i18n nativescript plugin using native standards
Contributors: ludcila
Missing Author
nativescript-icam2.0.0  2016-09-18MIT1430
NativeScript plugin to Wulian IPC V2 Lib.
Contributors: willin
Missing Author
nativescript-image-preview0.1.0  2016-02-152900
A lightweight NativeScript plugin that wraps the [JTSImageViewController]( CocoaPod.
Contributors: tj vantoll
Missing Author
nativescript-location0.1.3  2015-12-24ISC9890
A nativescript ios plugin to request location
Contributors: himajabaratam
Missing Author
nativescript-mytoast1.1.1  2016-03-184270
teste d application
Contributors: mourahi
Missing Author
nativescript-onyxbeacon1.0.5  2017-04-134480
An OnyxBeacon module for Nativescript Android and iOS
Contributors: bingham, brendan ingham
Missing Author
nativescript-paythunder0.0.1  2016-11-211000
PayThunder Plugin ============ ### Installing the plugin
Contributors: npm-publisher
Missing Author
nativescript-peek-update  2017-06-21MIT00
Allows the Peek platform to deploy content to the Nativescript apps
Contributors: jarrodchesney
synerty (Synerty)
nativescript-ringer0.1.3  2016-04-299100
A plugin for controlling the ringer volume and mode in NativeScript Android apps.
Contributors: k3yb0ardn1nja
Missing Author
nativescript-signatureview0.0.1  2016-01-123150

Contributors: seraph-design
Missing Author
nativescript-telerik-analytics1.0.8  2017-02-14See LICENSE file3,1820
Telerik Analytics NativeScript SDK
Missing Author
Automate testing of NativeScript apps with Test Studio Mobile.
Contributors: karaahmed
Missing Author
nativescript-textfield-ng0.0.2  2017-01-061430
nativescript textfield with focus event handler, but without ngModel support %)
Contributors: syncro
Missing Author
nativescript-youtube-parser1.0.0  2016-12-141560
Simple YouTube video parser
Contributors: manijak
Missing Author
nativescript-youtubesdk0.0.2  2016-05-13MIT6210
Use YouTube service in your apps.
Contributors: valio.stoychev
telerik / valio stoychev (Missing Author)
navigation-drawer1.0.15  2015-12-253,4870
Navigation Drawer
Contributors: taronpa
Missing Author
speigg-nativescript-geolocation0.0.9-patch.0  2016-04-295510
Provides API for getting and monitoring location for NativeScript app.
Contributors: speigg
nsndeck (Missing Author)
zap-ninja  2017-06-15our-license-filename>...240
NativeScript Application
Contributors: matanc
Missing Author