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Category Statistics
Data last updated: August 28, 2017
Addons found: 62
Newest addons: nativescript-braintree
Total Android addons:58
Total iOS addons:50
Addons supporting all platforms:46
Total addons authors: 31
Most proficient author: moayad al-najdawi, Nathan Walker
(with 3 addons)
Most helpful author: Brad Martin, jarrodchesney, srh545
(with 2 assists)

Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseDownloadsStars
@nota/nativescript-accessibility-ext3.0.0-alpha.9  2017-08-17BSD-3-Clause1,9644
Nativescript plugin for enabling accessiblity features
Contributors: razumasu, saebekassebil, 838, programmgunnar, ddaf, nota-admin
morten sjøgren (Notalib)
@synerty/peek-ns-update0.0.1  2017-06-21MIT170
Allows the Peek platform to deploy content to the Nativescript apps
Contributors: bford, jarrodchesney
synerty (Synerty)
ios-um0.0.1  2017-08-13MIT00
an ios share plugin bundleshiyuwudi
nativescript-activity-detection0.1.1  2017-08-04ISC660

Contributors: surdu
Missing Author
nativescript-ali0.0.1  2017-05-19ISC590
a plugin for tmall goods built by yilei
Contributors: giscafer
Missing Author
nativescript-appupdater1.0.0  2017-08-03Apache-2.0472
Your awesome NativeScript plugin.celso wo (celso-wo)
nativescript-auto-fit-text1.0.0  2017-07-07Apache-2.0242
AutoFitText NativeScript plugin.daniel leal (danielgek)
nativescript-braintree1.0.5  2017-08-27Apache-2.01090
Braintree payment plugin for NativeScriptjibon l. costa (jibon57)
nativescript-breeze0.0.4  2016-08-11MIT5590
Your awesome NativeScript + Angular plugin.
Contributors: radik_h
Missing Author
nativescript-calabash-wrapper-plugin0.0.2  2016-03-034640

Contributors: sureshballa
Missing Author
nativescript-comments1.0.0  2017-08-20Apache-2.000
Your awesome NativeScript plugin for render a comments box .moayad al-najdawi (moayadnajd)
nativescript-continuous-scanner1.0.0  2016-08-12our-license-filename>...1830
NativeScript Application
Contributors: dwright27
Missing Author
nativescript-crypto0.9.11  2017-08-21Apache-2.0540
Cryptographic functions and utilities using libsodium and native RSA and AES-GCM.tomé vardasca (tomvardasca)
nativescript-device1.0.0  2016-12-051010
A NativeScript Description Device
Contributors: marcemtz
marcela martinez (Missing Author)
nativescript-facebook-custom2.0.1  2017-08-02Apache 2.0018
NativeScript plugin, wrapper of native Facebook SDK for Adroid and iOS.telerik (NativeScript)
nativescript-fonepaisa1.0.0  2017-08-24MIT00
Your awesome NativeScript plugin.
Contributors: tusharvikky, krupakapashi
Nathan Walker (tusharvikky)
nativescript-fontawesome1.0.0  2017-08-21Apache-2.000
Your awesome NativeScript plugin for using fontawesome iconsmoayad al-najdawi (moayadnajd)
nativescript-google-place-picker1.0.1  2017-06-29MIT353
Nativescript Google Place Picker plugindacrystal
nativescript-google-places0.0.3  2016-06-089330
Read Google Places API Documentation at
Contributors: sacemax
Missing Author
nativescript-handle-file1.0.0  2017-07-12MIT210
Receive a url, download and prompt a list of apps wich can open the file.
Contributors: joão batista fulgêncio, rafear
rafael ferlini (rafear)
nativescript-health-data0.1.2  2017-08-21Apache-2.0680
Health Data plugin for Nativescript, using Google Fit and Apple Health Kit.filipemendes (filipemendes1994)
nativescript-hold-to-load1.0.2  2016-06-265900
Nativescript plugin for press (hold) background animation.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Missing Author
nativescript-html2pdf1.0.0  2017-08-20ISC00
Allows easy conversion from HTML to PDF files.
Contributors: rnicoara
nativescript-i18n-tns20.1.8  2017-05-23MIT1000
An i18n nativescript plugin using native standards
Contributors: ludcila
Missing Author
nativescript-icam2.0.0  2016-09-18MIT1490
NativeScript plugin to Wulian IPC V2 Lib.
Contributors: willin
Missing Author
nativescript-image-preview0.1.0  2016-02-152970
A lightweight NativeScript plugin that wraps the [JTSImageViewController]( CocoaPod.
Contributors: tj vantoll
Missing Author
nativescript-imageoptimize1.0.0  2017-07-19Apache-2.000
Image optimizer for NativeScript 🌌osei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-invengo1.0.3  2017-06-24MIT1230
Invengo RFID reader plugin for nativescript
Contributors: elimin8r
mehfuzh (mehfuzh)
nativescript-libsodium1.0.3  2017-08-21Apache-2.01290
Use libsodium in Nativescript with libsodium.js like wrappers.david burke (burke-software)
nativescript-linearprogressbar1.0.4  2017-08-14Apache-2.01640
A NativeScript plugin that provides a widget to implement a linear progress bar.slanca (slanca)
nativescript-location0.1.3  2015-12-24ISC1,0060
A nativescript ios plugin to request location
Contributors: himajabaratam
Missing Author
nativescript-mytoast1.1.1  2016-03-184400
teste d application
Contributors: mourahi
Missing Author
nativescript-navigation-tabbar0.1.2  2017-06-26ISC230
Port of DevLight's NavigationTabBar for androidlarry eliemenye (bigmeech)
nativescript-ngx-fusion-icon0.0.1  2017-08-02Apache 2.03770
NativeScript + Angular Cedrus Fusion icon componentmatt bryan (mpbnyc)
nativescript-ngx-fusion-library0.2.7  2017-08-03Apache 2.03,2500
NativeScript + Angular Cedrus Fusion library componentmatt bryan (mpbnyc)
nativescript-onyxbeacon1.0.5  2017-04-134640
An OnyxBeacon module for Nativescript Android and iOS
Contributors: brendan ingham, bingham
Missing Author
nativescript-paythunder0.0.1  2016-11-211120
PayThunder Plugin ============ ### Installing the plugin
Contributors: npm-publisher
Missing Author
nativescript-peek-update0.1.2  2017-08-01Apache-2.04910
Your awesome NativeScript plugin.
Contributors: jarrodchesney
Nathan Walker (synerty)
nativescript-reviews1.0.0  2017-08-22Apache-2.000
Your awesome NativeScript plugin for render a reviews boxmoayad al-najdawi (moayadnajd)
nativescript-ringer0.1.3  2016-04-299290
A plugin for controlling the ringer volume and mode in NativeScript Android apps.
Contributors: k3yb0ardn1nja
Missing Author
nativescript-salesforce-sdk1.0.9  2017-07-20MIT1370
It is allows you to easily authenticate with Salesforce using OAuth (User Ajent flow), and to manipulate Salesforce data using a simple API.santosh anand (santoshanand)
nativescript-scandit1.0.0  2017-07-19ISC00
Custom ScandIt framework and Nativescript plugin for UH Hospitals
Contributors: srh545
Missing Author
nativescript-scanndit1.0.0  2017-07-18ISC00
Custom ScandIt framework and Nativescript plugin for UH Hospitals
Contributors: srh545
Missing Author
nativescript-sentry1.2.0  2017-08-02Apache-2.0691 NativeScript plugin.daniel leal (danielgek)
nativescript-signatureview0.0.1  2016-01-123240

Contributors: seraph-design
Missing Author
nativescript-sqlcipher1.0.0  2017-08-21MIT03
A Sqlcipher plugin for nativescript application. Inspired by nativescript-sqlite module.ZixiaoWang
nativescript-swipe-card1.0.5  2017-08-15MIT30114
swipcard plugin for nativescript
Contributors: osei fortune, rhanbit, jenlooper, Brad Martin
rachid al kayat (rkhayyat)
nativescript-swipe-layout1.0.4  2017-08-21Apache-2.01567
Easy Swipe Layout for NativeScriptrhanbit (rhanb)
nativescript-telerik-analytics1.0.8  2017-02-14See LICENSE file3,3740
Telerik Analytics NativeScript SDK
Missing Author
nativescript-temp-sms1.0.2  2017-08-08MIT860
Sending Sms Using SmsManagerjayson.temporas (jayson-temporas)
nativescript-test-xss0.0.1  2017-08-23Apache-2.000
Your awesome NativeScript plugin.
Contributors: zdravko branzov
Nathan Walker (zbranzov)
nativescript-testfairy1.1.0  2017-08-02Apache-2.01230
TestFairy is a powerful beta-testing platform for mobile applications.testfairy (testfairy)
Automate testing of NativeScript apps with Test Studio Mobile.
Contributors: karaahmed
Missing Author
nativescript-textfield-ng0.0.2  2017-01-061540
nativescript textfield with focus event handler, but without ngModel support %)
Contributors: syncro
Missing Author
nativescript-wechat0.0.3  2017-06-29MIT792
Your awesome NativeScript plugin.gineign (gineign)
nativescript-youtube-parser1.0.0  2016-12-14MIT2181
Simple YouTube video parser
Contributors: manijak
nedim erkocevic (manijak)
nativescript-youtubeplayer1.3.1  2017-08-23Apache-2.07975
YoutubePlayer for Nativescriptosei fortune (triniwiz)
nativescript-youtubesdk0.0.2  2016-05-13MIT6540
Use YouTube service in your apps.
Contributors: valio.stoychev
telerik / valio stoychev (Missing Author)
navigation-drawer1.0.15  2015-12-253,5240
Navigation Drawer
Contributors: taronpa
Missing Author
ns-navigation-tabbar0.1.2  2017-06-26ISC720
Port of DevLight's NavigationTabBar for androidlarry eliemenye (bigmeech)
speigg-nativescript-geolocation0.0.9-patch.0  2016-04-295790
Provides API for getting and monitoring location for NativeScript app.
Contributors: speigg
nsndeck (Missing Author)
surplus-nativescript-template1.0.0  2017-07-16our-license-filename>...00
NativeScript Application
Contributors: ismail-codar
Missing Author