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Data last updated: March 25, 2017
Addons found: 9
Newest addons: nativescript-10hook-release-info
Total Android addons:7
Total iOS addons:5
Addons supporting all platforms:5
Total addons authors: 8
Most helpful author: Deyan Ginev, Vladimir Amiorkov
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Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseDownloadsStars
Set release info to json.@rhrn (rhrn)
nativescript-calendar-weekview1.0.6  2017-03-21MIT23311
Nativescript Calendar WeekView allow adding events to weekview and styling them.Ravindra Mishra (dlucidone)
Used for cloud support in NativeScript CLI.Progress (nativescript)
nativescript-facebook-login-webpack0.2.3  2017-02-211200
A NativeScript module providing Facebook login for Android and iOS.Antonio Cueva Urraco (sis0k0)
nativescript-fresco-compat1.0.17  2017-03-19ISC750
This is a NativeScript plugin wrapping the popular Fresco library for managing images on Android with a compatibility fix for fresco 0.14.1.
Contributors: Deyan Ginev, Vladimir Amiorkov
Deyan Ginev (code0wl)
nativescript-intercom-bridge1.0.0  2017-03-14MIT250
NativeScript Plugin for Intercom.Emre Suzen (aemr3)
nativescript-open-app0.1.0  2017-03-15MIT250
A NativeScript plugin for opening other applications on the device (with app store fallback).Ludwik Trammer (ludwiktrammer)
nativescript-safetynet-helper0.1.1  2017-03-15MIT200
A NativeScript plugin to use the SafetyNet API.Ryan Edge (chimon2000)
nativescript-stripe1.0.0  2017-03-20MIT264
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