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Data last updated: April 26, 2017
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Most proficient author: NathanaelA
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Most helpful author: Nathanael Anderson
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Plugin NameVersionPlatformsModifiedLicenseDownloadsStars
appbuilder3.7.2   2017-04-24Apache-2.031,59331
command line interface to Telerik AppBuilder.Telerik (icenium)
generator-nativescript-plugin1.0.4   2016-08-25MIT6824
Generator for nativescript-plugin projects.victorsosa (peoplewaredo)
gulp-babel-nativescript1.0.0   2015-10-18ISC2830
replace gulp-babel compiled es5 content to match nativescript(now is v1.4.2)'s rule.peichao01 (peichao01)
karma-nsnodeunit0.2.1   2017-04-25MIT710
A Karma plugin. Adapter for the Nodeunit testing framework for NativeScript.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson
Adam Hull (NathanaelA)
nativescript-10hook-release-info1.0.0   2017-02-15BSD-4-Clause640
Set release info to json.@rhrn (rhrn)
nativescript-ampersand1.0.1   2016-11-12MIT8591
A NativeScript module to add Ampersand Models and Collections for use in place of nativescript observables.Dan Prietti (dapriett)
nativescript-android-utils1.0.2  2017-01-21MIT1710
A collection of certain Java/Android classes that help the NativeScript developer when dealing with Android-specific implementations.Peter Kanev (pip3r4o)
nativescript-component1.2.0   2017-04-05MIT5888
A module for easily creating reusable NativeScript components without Angular.Nathan Hill (binarynate)
nativescript-css-loader0.26.1   2017-02-06MIT6,4680
nativescript fork of the css-loader module for webpack.Tobias Koppers @sokra (nativescript)
nativescript-custom-entitlements0.2.0   2017-03-30MIT8513
Nativescript hook for supporting custom Xcode 8 entitlements.Henk Bakker (essent)
nativescript-dev-babel0.1.6   2017-01-17Apache-2.02,0470
Babel support for NativeScript projects =======================================.NativeScript (nativescript)
nativescript-dev-coffeescript0.0.6   2017-02-17Apache-2.01,3727
CoffeeScript support for NativeScript projects.nativescript
nativescript-dev-cucumber0.1.4   2016-12-07MIT1,9230
A NativeScript plugin to help integrate and run Cucumber tests with Appium.UnionUp (marcbuils)
nativescript-dev-file-loader0.1.1   2017-04-03Apache-2.0770
A file-loader like hook for NativeScript.Tatsuyuki Ishi (ishitatsuyuki)
nativescript-dev-jade0.0.6   2015-12-09Apache-2.01,3426
Jade support for NativeScript projects.nativescript
nativescript-dev-jade-html0.0.7   2016-07-06Apache-2.01721
Jade support for NativeScript projects.riechao
nativescript-dev-less0.0.10   2017-01-12Apache-2.02,2490
LESS CSS pre-processor for NativeScript projects.nativescript
nativescript-dev-sass1.1.0   2017-04-08Apache-2.07,75519
SASS CSS pre-processor for NativeScript projects.Todd Anglin (toddanglin)
nativescript-dev-typescript0.4.2   2017-03-29Apache-2.078,0147
TypeScript support for NativeScript projects. Install using `tns install typescript`.nativescript
nativescript-dev-webpack0.4.0   2017-04-20Apache-2.020,27016
A package to help with webpacking NativeScript apps.
Contributors: Hristo Deshev
nativescript-dev-xmlxsd0.1.0   2015-12-09Apache-2.02,1920
XML validation against XSD schema for NativeScript projects.nativescript
nativescript-disable-bitcode1.0.0  2017-03-08MIT3231
A NativeScript plugin to disable CocoaPods Bitcode.Essent (essent)
nativescript-doctor0.4.1   2017-03-27Apache-2.03,2610
Library that helps identifying if the environment can be used for development of {N} apps.Telerik (nativescript)
nativescript-dynamicloader1.0.0   Commercial
Dynamically load and upload declarative ui (xml/js) into any viewNathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-emulator-reload1.2.0  2015-05-20WTFPL 1,4852
This small gulp script will monitor the source files of a NativeScript project and when a file is changed it'll rebuild and reload the emulator.Emil Oberg (emiloberg)
nativescript-hook0.2.1   2017-01-17Apache-2.073,4524
Helper module for installing hooks into NativeScript projects.NativeScript (nativescript)
nativescript-hook-debug-production1.0.4   2017-03-24MIT2941
Hook for selecting files based on debug or production build for NativeScript Apps.Marek Maszay (markosko)
nativescript-hook-filter-modules1.0.5   2016-10-04MIT5266
Shrinking size of built application by deleting defined set of node_modules inside tns_modules.
Contributors: Brad Martin
Marek Maszay (markosko)
nativescript-jsx0.0.1   2015-07-07MIT3060
JSX support for NativeScript (WIP).Arthur Stolyar (openjsx)
nativescript-liveedit2.3.0  2016-09-20MIT3,36333
A LiveEdit/LiveSync NativeScript module for Android v2.3.0 Runtimes.Nathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-ng2-cli-magic1.0.0  2017-01-16MIT3,1172
Magically integrate in Angular2 web app with NativeScript.
Contributors: Nathanael Anderson, Nathan Walker
rhanbIT (rhanbit)
nativescript-protect1.0.0    Commercial
Protect and encrypt your app's source codeNathanael Anderson (NathanaelA)
nativescript-redux-devtools0.0.3   2016-11-03Apache-2.03241
Redux Devtools for
nativescript-sass0.1.1   2016-12-16Apache-2.0830
SASS CSS pre-processor for NativeScript projects.apokong
nativescript-typedoc-theme0.0.7   2017-02-06Apache-2.03,8840
A TypeDoc theme for the API-Reference of the NativeScript Cross-Platform Modules.Telerik (nativescript)
ns-tools0.0.3   2015-09-10ISC7575
Convenience Tools for working with NativeScript.Josh Jensen (joshjensen)