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Data last updated: April 26, 2017
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Here be the dragons er, bleeding edge master branches from each of the primary NativeScript github projects.

nativescript-cli-master.tgz2017-04-253,844kNativeScript (CLI) Command Line Interface
tns-android-master.tgz2016-11-0828,643kAndroid Runtime
tns-core-modules-master.tgz2017-02-07383kNativeScript common core components (tns-modules)
tns-ios-master.tgz1969-12-310kiOS Runtime

Installation Instructions:

This simplest way to install the new runtimes is to download them and then do a:

For Android:
> tns platform remove android
> tns platform add android --frameworkPath=tns-android-master.tgz

For iOS:
> tns platform remove ios
> tns platform add ios --frameworkPath=tns-ios-master.tgz

* - The frameworkPath must point to where you downloaded the masters.

The simplest way to install the new Common Core libraries is to do:
> npm install

The simplest way to install the new NativeScript command line is to do:
> npm install -g